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The establishment of Kuwait University began by issuing an Amiri decree in 1966 No. 29/1966. It took the responsibility of preparing and educationally qualifying the young generation, the real wealth of this country, to achieve the ambitious future goals with the most necessary knowledge, culture, and science. The ability to offer distinguished academic learning for these young generations is the key to developing and disseminating the knowledge needed to meet all goals and meet the requirements of society.
Since its establishment, Kuwait University has witnessed a significant expansion in the number of scientific colleges reaching 16 colleges. The colleges offer various undergraduate and graduate programs. They are College of Law, College of Arts, College of Science College of Medicine, College of Engineering and Petroleum, College of Allied Health Science, College of Education, College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, College of Business Administration, College of Pharmacy, College of Dentistry, College of Social Science, College of Women, College of Architecture and College of Computer Science and Engineering. As for graduate programs, the university currently offers 6 Ph.D. programs, 48 Masters and 4 Higher Diploma programs in various disciplines. It is planned to offer new graduate studies programs to cover all the available bachelor degree programs at Kuwait University.
Early at the beginnings of establishing Kuwait University, administrations and academic work centers supported and contributed to the development of research, education, and community service. These administrations and work centers are University President and Vice Presidents ( Vice President for Academic Affairs- Vice President for Research- Vice President for Planning- Vice President for Academic Support- Vice President for Health Science), Secretary-General and the related departments, Deanship of Community Services and Continuing Education, Deanship of Admission and Registration, Deanship of Student Affairs, Center of Information Systems, Center for Strategic and Future Studies, Center Of Evaluation and Measurement, center for Distant Learning, Gulf and Arabian Peninsula study, Arabic Regional Center for Environmental Law, Khawarizmi Training Center, Construction Program, and Student Book Shop.
To maintain the bright journey of KU, the significance of strategic planning became one of the most critical priorities, taking the responsibility of unifying the framework and organizing priorities in order to be able to move forward towards achieving all goals and objectives that were set up since its establishment. A five-year strategic plan was also set up (2013-2017). It consists of new directions for the futuristic vision that will draw a clear pathway of taking Kuwait University as a leading national university in the region. Every college and work center is required to prepare a five-year action plan according to specified goals and objectives, set up previously in Kuwait University's strategic plan (2013-2017).
Kuwait University is committed to preparing great human wealth armed with the knowledge to meet the requirements of the state of Kuwait's development and keep up with the pace of modern life through high-quality education, excellence in scientific research, and advancement of community service.
Kuwait University is a pioneering national university with outstanding qualifications in higher education and scientific research. To prepare a prominent human capital characterized by their exceptional knowledge, to meet the development requirements, to keep pace with the latest information and technology in higher education, and to lead in scientific research while upgrading in serving the community.

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