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As the national UniversityUniversity of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the UniversityUniversity has a mandate to lead the nation in human capital development, leading innovation, contributing to economic development, and leading society.
Technology and the rapidly changing external environment, transforming teaching and research, are challenging the University'sUniversity's traditional view. Students and wider society require year-round access to high-quality courses and flexible modes of delivery. The economic context of the GCC and challenges that we currently face in growing the private sector also challenges the University of Bahrain to respond to by focusing on producing high quality and skilled workforce and the next generation of leaders.
The UniversityUniversity has a clear focus on several areas that will be key to our success, including the newly established teaching and leadership unit to advance our teaching methods and curricula. Targeted and innovative approaches to research through international and industry collaboration will promote our reputation both regionally and beyond. The University of Bahrain has significant international reach and global standing through its students and graduates, research, and academic partnerships. Technology is critical not only to enhance teaching and learning but also to create a SMART campus fitting with the digital age that we now live in. The University of Bahrain is central to the economic growth of Bahrain by offering programs and courses aligned with the national economic strategy while also ensuring sustainability through operating as a commercial and entrepreneurial university.
As the world evolves, so does the University of Bahrain, however, what is constant is the teacher-student relationship. Our UniversityUniversity has to ensure that our teachers have the right skills, access to technology, and professional development to deliver a high-quality experience to our students. Our graduates will lead in government, industry, and society and become global ambassadors for the University and Bahrain.
In September, UniversityUniversity will launch its transformation plan that will provide the platform to establishing UniversityUniversity as a world-class institute and a leading university in the Arab world. Our vital strategic pillars will focus on producing high quality skilled and creative graduates, technology-led teaching and learning, integration with industry, enhancing postgraduate programs, research, and strengthening international links.
The impact of the University of Bahrain is global through our proud alumni, networks, collaborative links, international workforce, and students. With over 2,000 staff, 26,000 students, and 60,000 alumni, the UniversityUniversity is one of the largest in the region with a campus that matches its status as Bahrain's flagship university. Over the next four years, our ambition is to establish ourselves globally. That requires the move to knowledge creation through developing our innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem as we aim to lead the national economy.

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