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  • Universite Saad Dahlab Blida


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    Universite Saad Dahlab Blida

    Founding year: 1981
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 42
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Pr. Abadlia Mohamed Tahar (Rector)
    Type: Universities

    The Blida University Centre (CUB) was established by Decree No. 77-92 on 20 June 1977. Implanted on a retroceded site, dating from 1864, the CUB has also benefited from a program of development and extension of educational infrastructures (amphitheater, laboratory, etc ...). It was not until September 8, 1981, that the CUB opened its doors to the students of the wilayates of Blida, Media, Chlef, Djelfa, and in the South of the country. As part of this historic re-entry, the number of students enrolled was 526, with a teaching staff of 57, including 17 foreign students. The University of Blida has developed rapidly and could be divided into three main phases corresponding essentially to

    The different stages of structuring and management

    First stage: During the first three years of its existence, the Center Universitario de Blida is located in the middle of the city and has provided teaching in only four streams: Common Technology Trunk, Architecture, Agronomy, and Medical Sciences.

    Second step: In 1984-1985, when the university card was applied, the CUB broke up in the National Institute of Higher Education. Decree No. 83-543 of 24 September 1983, in its articles 2 and 4, chapter I, provides: "The National Institute of Higher Education, hereinafter referred to as" the institute is a public institution of an administrative nature, Endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy. "The Institute's objectives, within the framework of the National Plan for Economic and Social Development, are to provide courses in graduation and post-graduation, Contribute to the development of scientific and technical research, Undertake any development and retraining in its field of activity, Ensure publication of studies and research results.

    With the application of the university card devoting the National Institute of Higher Education, Blida is found with six structures: Institute of Mechanics, Institute of Architecture, Institute of Electronics, Institute of Agronomy, Institute of Industrial Chemistry, and Institute of Aeronautics. The cumulative number of students enrolled about the academic year 1981- 1982 experienced a growth noticed since they have been multiplied by 10 times. The structure of the distribution by sector group shows a trend towards a reinforcement of the technology concerning the other training courses, there is a relative stabilization (competition conditions of access, etc.

    Evolution of the pedagogical framework

    The appeal to foreign teachers as a supplement to student supervision has been considerably reduced since the establishment of the Blida University Center in 1981, as shown in the table below. Co-operation in the field of education is directed mainly by the sending of high-level grades, among others, professors, lecturers, etc., concerning the succession of the grades of assistant teachers, it will be completely completed, Of post-graduation. The rate of Algerianization is 96 %.

    Third step: The University Complex of Blida was set up as a University in August 1989. A seventh Institute opens its doors. These are The Institute of Medical Sciences. The opening of several other departments allows the University to modify its decree of creation in 1992/1993. Four other Institutes strengthen the structures of the young university: Institute of Veterinary Sciences, Institute of Exact Sciences, Institute of Juridical and Administrative Sciences, Institute of Economic Sciences, Decree 95/204 of 5 August 1995 brings the number of Institutes to twelve.

    Fourth step: By Executive Decree No. 98-253 of 17 August 1998, the University of Blida consists of seven faculties: Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Faculty of Agronomic and Veterinary Sciences.

    Address: Universite Saad Dahlab Blida, BP 270, Route de soumaa , Blida, 09000, Algeria

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