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  • Carey Baptist Grammar School


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    Carey Baptist Grammar School

    Founding year: 1923
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 2
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Phillip Grutzner (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    Schools are primarily about young people, and especially about helping them become the best they can be. We offer our girls and boys every opportunity to grow into communicative, creative, critically-thinking, curious, and community-minded young adults. Carey students are offered flexible pathways to achieve their goals and develop clear strategies to achieve them. We expect our students to think, problem-solve, reflect, and respond to the meaningful feedback they receive.
    We also believe passionately in co-education and maintain a 50:50 balance of girls and boys across the whole school. We actively foster an environment in which healthy, respectful friendships are built. At Carey, we also believe that the quality of the education your children receive can never exceed our staff's quality, and the Carey staff is outstanding. They are passionate about education, highly qualified, and enthusiastic people who have the best interests of our students at heart in everything they do, whether it is a part of our academic program, co-curricular activities, or caring for student well-being.
    Carey was founded in 1923 with the Baptist Union of Victoria's support, initially as a day and boarding school for boys. Our school is named in honor of Revd. Dr. William Carey, a Baptist missionary and self-taught language scholar who dedicated much of his life to India's humanitarian work in the 18th Century. His life of service, faith, and commitment to learning is central to the core of the school's philosophy today.
    Each child in the ELC is valued for who they are. We welcome the differences in development, personality, and ability that every child brings, and we recognize that families and parenting styles are as different as the children themselves. We work with families to ensure trust, open communication, and consistency in approach. It is important to us that every child in our care begins his or her schooling with confidence.
    Our ELC program offers many exciting and different experiences for the children, but most importantly, they are also given the freedom and encouragement to explore their interests and curiosity. Teachers closely observe and document each child's development, learning, and play, creating a lasting record of each student's educational journey throughout the year: physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. Our ELC students enjoy their purpose-built, separate sections within the school. This allows for the future years of schooling to be anticipated with enthusiasm and for older students to visit the Centre for outstanding performances, reading, or sports activities.
    At Carey, we nurture the whole person. In our Junior Schools, we offer a broad range of activities and personal development programs to promote well-being, creativity, and confidence. Students also engage in community service, leadership, and social justice programs, learning the importance of respect, understanding, inclusion, and a strong moral compass. Learning is also fun at Carey for the students and their teachers and extends beyond the school's boundaries in excursions and activities that explore the world.
    At this critical time in young adolescents' social and intellectual development, we have tailored the physical and educational environment to meet their particular needs. Our co-educational environment also develops a strong sense of respect, trust, and friendship between girls and boys.
    The Middle School's motto is 'Challenge and Choice.' Our teaching and learning environment offers an extensive range of study options that will motivate and encourage every student. We cater to all levels of ability and allow students to explore their specific interests. Our focus on 'real-world learning' also takes students well beyond our campus's boundaries, mainly through interdisciplinary units.
    All Middle School students use notebook computers to support their learning, and our purpose-built classrooms allow teachers and students extraordinary flexibility. Classrooms in Middle School offer various seating options and table styles from high stools and benches to couches and large screen displays, interactive mobile touchscreen TVs, and retractable walls so that teachers and students can arrange spaces to suit their learning and teaching needs.
    The transitions from Junior School and to Senior School are managed carefully and sensitively for our Year 7 and Year 9 before their first or last day arrives. They will already feel a part of their new Carey environment. Our Middle School is separate but not isolated from our Junior and Senior Schools, allowing for cross-age activities with both younger and older students.
    In all areas of our program, we are mindful of students' well-being, with our House system providing our pastoral program's core. Students are divided into cross-age Mentor Groups in the Middle School, with the same House Mentor moving through the Middle School with their group. Also, many Year 7 classes are held in homerooms to enhance the sense of security and stability.
    We help the young men and women in Years 10, 11, and 12 to prepare for tertiary study and life beyond secondary school, providing an environment specifically designed to help them become self-directed, lifelong learners. Our Year 12 classes regularly achieve Carey results in the top schools of the State, and a large percentage of our students receive offers to top local and international universities.
    We also understand that life is about more than academic success. Each of our students' well-being is of paramount importance at Carey, and our House system ensures that each student's welfare is carefully monitored. Students belong to small Mentor groups and are supported by a dedicated pastoral care team of counselors, psychologists, chaplains, career advisers, and learning skills specialists. Leadership opportunities, community service projects, and our broad range of co-curricular activities and sports enrich the experience of Senior School. Every step of the way, we provide guidance and support to students and their families.






    Address: Carey Baptist Grammar School, 349 Barkers Road Kew, Victoria, VIC 3101, Australia

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