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The UAS, with its two campuses in Eisenstadt and Pinkafeld, has been offering its unique degree programs, with the right mix of theory and practical training, for over 20 years. Today, it has one of the best reputations for success in Austria, with 99% of all graduates employed and more than 5,000 graduates in senior positions.
We take the best of Burgenland, add an intercultural perspective, and combine it all with innovation and research. Our primary focus is our students' well-being, so you can be sure that no one at the University of Applied Sciences. Burgenland is thought of as just a number. We support all of our students, both full-time and part-time, throughout their studies, providing them with as much help as possible.
In September 2012, a University of Applied Sciences Board was established to implement and organize all teaching and examinations.
We cater to our students' situations through course content, structure, and processes so that their interests and potential can be developed accordingly. To accommodate our students in employment, almost all our programs are offered part-time.
The University of Applied Sciences, Burgenland (FH Burgenland) maintains the aim of uniting the exceptional…thus, should you decide to engage in a program here, you surely have the same goal.
The health department offers bachelor's and master's degree programs with a balance of scientific theory and hands-on working experience and relevant associated skills. Particular emphasis is placed on the fields of health promotion, health, and health care management, as well as home care and physiotherapy.
Social Work Department of Social Care allows undergraduate students to combine social work and social science subjects. The main focus of this degree program is on developing both methodological and hands-on competencies. Students are offered a wide range of character-building activities and practical experience to help them on their way.
As we all know, students cannot study or perform at their best on an empty stomach. There is a canteen on the Eisenstadt campus and a well-stocked buffet on-site in Pinkafeld to ensure that you do not go hungry while studying and living an active student life.
Students at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland need space to develop and live. They can do this in a very relaxed atmosphere in the student residences in Eisenstadt and Pinkafeld.
Our network of partner institutions and companies abroad makes a wide range of activities possible. This process of internationalization is supported by various fellowship programs such as the ERASMUS program, bilateral programs such as CEEPUS (Central and Eastern European countries), and national support programs such as Ernst Mach.

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