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Seneca is located in beautiful Toronto, Canada. It is one of the safest cities in one of the safest countries in the world. Toronto is renowned for its natural beauty, thriving cities, growing population, and diverse communities.
Canada is consistently ranked among the top 10 countries in the United Nations Quality Index.
We are the leaders in student-focused teaching and learning, redefining how people think about postsecondary education. Our passionate faculty are respected, well-connected in their fields, and care about helping you succeed. We believe that education is more than taking classes, so we provide enriching experiences to further your learning both inside and outside the classroom.
With more than 180 programs and 500 career options, Seneca has many ways to pursue your goals. Whether you are preparing for a career or further education, we can help you achieve it. Our range of credentials and flexible learning options allow you to choose your study path and learn in a way that works for you.
There are many costs to consider as you prepare for your studies, so it is good to make a budget for the year. The costs will vary for each student, depending on your program of study. Some costs to consider are tuition fees, books, supplies, housing, health insurance, and food and living expenses.
Whether you are just beginning to think about Seneca or considering a change in programs, our Student Recruitment and Liaison team are ready to help. You can book an appointment to meet with a liaison officer who can help you select the Seneca program that best suits you.

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