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The University Moulay Tahar of Saida is an Algerian university located in Saida province west of Algeria. Founded in 1986, it comprises six faculties.
University of Saida created by Executive Decree 09/10 of 4 January 2009, was originally a teaching training college (ENS) established by Decree 86/254 of 7 October 1986 to answer needs of the sector of Education of all the western region and southwest of Algeria with more than 2,000 high school Teachers formed for National Education Needs.
Given the strategic location of the city of Saida, located in the Western High Plateaux, 153 km from Oran, 100 km from Sidi Bel Abbes and 170 km from Tiaret and to meet the need of the region in higher Education, The Ecole Normale Superieure was transformed into an academic center by decree 98/222 of 7 July 1998 to accommodate the students of the region, whose number continues to increase from one year to the next. This change in status has enabled the higher education sector to open up new channels other than the basic sciences initially provided by the ENS, such as the humanities, foreign languages, legal and administrative sciences,

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