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All Saints Greek Orthodox Grammar School


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At All Saints, we share a set of shared values. We teach and encourage our students to be courteous at all times, to respect themselves and others and the broader community. We encourage our students to draw inspiration from our Orthodox Christian ethos and uphold them in their day-to-day lives. These values underpin everything we do and provide our children with a moral framework that will help them reach their full potential academically and socially.

Our students have access to diverse programs designed to provide a rich curriculum with a student-centered focus. In 2016, we will continue to engage our students in the very best learning opportunities possible by introducing Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) for students in Years 3 – 12, supporting our commitment to providing students with quality education in a digital world.

As a school that is welcoming, fair, fun, family-oriented, sincere, and, most importantly, loving, we realize that achievement comes in many forms. We are committed to ensuring that your child has every opportunity to flourish, grow in confidence, and make the most of their gifts and talents. All Saints is a school where making a difference in the lives of young people is at the forefront of everything we do. It is a school that we are all proud to be a part of.

This vibrant and well-established school was founded in 1990 by the Parish and Community of Belmore and District to provide academic excellence within a foundation of Orthodox Christian ethics. The initial idea of establishing All Saints Grammar School was in the hope of preserving Hellenism, and to uphold the values, beliefs, traditions, and customs of the Greek culture and Orthodox faith.

It was without government funding, 28 students and in rented premises, that the school officially opened in January 1990, in Lakemba. The school proliferated, and the following year, enrolments more than tripled. In 1994, the Church purchased the magnificent Towers Campus, as it is referred to today. Over the next few years, restoration and renovation took place at the Towers Campus, and the first Year 7 students were welcomed in Term 3 of 1995. In 2000, the first Year 12 students sat the Higher School Certificate (HSC).

Our school has been growing in numbers ever since its inception. The construction of the award-winning Primary School campus in Belmore was completed in October 2009, and the School Gymnasium was constructed and opened in 2011. With ever-increasing numbers in Pre-Kindy, the house next to the Church was purchased, and the purpose-designed Early Learning Centre was officially opened in 2013. From 2011 All Saints Grammar has educated students from Pre-Kindy to Year 12 and, from 2013, was able to do so on three remarkable campuses.

All Saints Grammar School seeks to cultivate a deep appreciation of Christian values within the Greek Orthodox Faith. The School Crest and Motto are symbols of the school’s ideals and provide an insight into our ethos, aims, and goals. The Motto ‘Let us Stand Well’ is a liturgical phrase that is heard at the beginning of the most sacred part of the Divine Liturgy, the Holy Eucharist. On the School Crest, it symbolizes an invitation to be vigilant in the preservation, development, and passing on to future generations the ideals symbolized by the other motifs on the Crest.

At All Saints Grammar, we are committed to creating and sustaining an educational environment where:

  • Teachers and students are engaged in meaningful, relevant student-centered Learning.
  • Teaching and learning practices are continuously evaluated and revised to ensure innovation and creativity.
  • Teaching and Learning focus on self-reflective and collaborative practices.
  • Teaching and Learning enhance the skills of responsible digital citizens.

Our vision places significance on the development of the student in a holistic manner. Student engagement in the educational experience is an essential part of ensuring improvement in all areas of their lives. In order to promote engagement, the provision of quality learning opportunities is imperative. Within this formative vision, we are implementing an Assessment for Learning (AfL) framework for pedagogy as a core element of our school’s Pre-Kindy to Year 12 pedagogical direction.

In educational circles, multiple approaches attempt to foster excellence in professional teaching and learning practice. All Saints Grammar acknowledges the research, which indicates that the frameworks focusing on Classroom Management and Instruction can significantly impact student achievement. Assessment For Learning – also known as Formative Assessment – is recognized as the most effective approach to improving student learning and has been implemented. The Principles of Assessment for Learning are as follows:

  • Emphasize the interactions between Learning and manageable assessment strategies that promote learning.
  • Clearly expresses for the student and teacher the goals of the teaching/learning.
  • Reflect a view of Learning in which assessment helps students learn better, rather than achieve a better mark
  • Provide ways for students to use feedback from assessment.
  • Help students take responsibility for their Learning.
  • Are inclusive of all learners.


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