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Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


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Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS) is committed to graduating the best health care minds in the world, with an array of degree programs designed to help students succeed in pharmacy and other health-related fields. There are approximately 1,400 students enrolled at the College and more than 150 full- and part-time faculty. The College has campuses in Albany, New York, and Colchester, Vermont. Our Vermont Campus is home to the only pharmacy program in the state.
The ACPHS experience is one that combines quality academics, experiential learning, personalized attention, and a strong emphasis on service – all of which help our students grow personally and develop into talented and trusted professionals.
ACPHS has long been regarded for its Doctor of Pharmacy program, which remains the school's core program. In recent years, the College has expanded its academic offerings to include five bachelor's programs and five master's programs in the health sciences. Opportunities exist for students within each of these programs to work side-by-side with faculty on groundbreaking research in areas such as cancer, infectious disease, and obesity. These opportunities, along with access to resources such as the cutting edge Pharmaceutical Research Institute, are part of what distinguishes ACPHS from other colleges and universities.
The academic experience at the College is complemented by numerous community service initiatives, including a student-led Community Health Day in Albany and Wellness Fair in Colchester. Graduates of the College are prepared for a range of careers, such as biochemist, clinical laboratory scientist, consumer safety officer, drug information specialist, environmental toxicologist, health policy analyst, hospital administrator, pharmacist, physician, physician assistant, and research scientist. Graduates are also well positioned to continue their education in graduate or professional schools.
We are here because we are driven to discover everything achievable through science. To turn curiosity into solutions. To find the next breakthrough. The next new cure. To explore the next frontier and advance the future of healthcare and medicine. We know this challenge is not for everyone. However, that is why it is so important to us. Because ultimately, our work is for everyone. It is for all of humanity.
You're here because you're intrigued by the possibilities of science. You want to learn everything there is to discover about the human body. You want to play a critical role in exploring the new frontier of health. To reach your potential and use it to push humanity forward. There's tremendous potential in what we can accomplish together here, so let's get started. However, you're not just here to start. You're here never to stop.
Here, it is all possible - and more. With your passion for science and our reputation as institutional health care innovators, we can redefine human health. Our mission is to prepare you - the next generation of leaders - to work together in the name of healthier people and improved health care systems. To give you the research opportunities, real-world exposure, and patient care experience so you can turn those possibilities into reality—and rewarding career.
We are a community that shares a passion for discovery: to redefine human possibility. From the mountains and lakes of Vermont to the city streets and surrounding neighborhoods of Albany—we are one tight-knit academic community. The work is rigorous, but this is what we are called to do, and we know what it takes. We see this as more than just a path to success. It is a time for exploring every possibility to improve the lives of those around us—in and out of class.
When it was chartered in 1881, ACP (as it would be known for the next 127 years) was one of only 14 colleges of pharmacy in the United States. On October 3, 1881, the College held its inaugural class in the Eagle Street building that housed Albany Medical College (see photo). The class was attended by 21 students, including one woman, Sarah Simonet. Students who would go on to complete the two-year program earned a Ph.G. or Graduated in Pharmacy degree.
The first decade of the new millennium was a time of exceptional growth and change. During this period, the College built or acquired eight buildings, including three on-campus residence halls, the construction of a brand new Student Center, and the opening of a new campus in Colchester, VT. A range of new degree programs was also introduced during this decade, leading to a new name for the institution - Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.
As the health care system transitions to a more patient-centric model, the College is also changing to keep pace with the demand for new and expanded skill sets. Through new academic programs, building renovations, expanded co-curricular activities, and innovations such as our two students operated pharmacies, the College is working to ensure graduates who enter the workforce are "Beyond Practice Ready" - not just today for many years to come.

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