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The British International School Madinaty


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The British International School, Madinaty is a selective British curriculum school. The school has an open admissions policy in that it accepts students from all ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds on the condition that they are capable of: accessing the school’s curriculum abiding by the school’s expectations with regards to behavior and discipline contributing to the overall school community. However, pupil admission is determined strictly on parent interviews, student assessments, and previous school reports. The Admissions Policy will be applied openly and fairly at all times.
Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. We recognize this and at BISM, we ensure that every child achieves their potential and more. Through highly enjoyable and engaging learning experiences, pupils acquire the skills and knowledge set out in the English National Curriculum and also develop as their individuals through a rich extra-curricular program.
All of our classroom teachers are UK-qualified and receive up-to-date training so that teaching standards are always high. State-of-the-art technologies are integrated into our curriculum and classrooms to ensure pupils are prepared for the future. A range of rich academic resources complements our fabulous and modern campus. All of this guarantees that every child in our care receives the best possible education.
As well as academic progress, your child will develop into a responsible global citizen guided by our school’s principles of honesty, integrity, tolerance, and respect for others. Pupils are encouraged to be inquisitive and to play a part in their development. They are challenged and allowed to discover their abilities.
We work hard to create an environment where children enjoy learning and feel safe and confident to participate. We believe that children should have fun while they are at school and that mistakes are simply learning opportunities.
By 2021 the school will have developed into a thriving all through school and it will be close to or at full capacity. Visitors to the school will see a vibrant community of learners engaged in their lessons, actively participating in developing themselves, the school, and supporting each other. Within the building, a wonderful variety of spaces will be used to help the exciting learning that will be taking place. Our parents and other stakeholders will be active participants in school life and the future development of the school. The international nature of the school will be celebrated. Our young people will be receiving excellent advice and support for their future choices for learning and work. Our highly valued staff will be part of a learning community where the continued development of all staff will support the provision of a teaching environment of the very highest standard. The school will be a beacon for other schools internationally because the quality of the teaching will result in excellent progress being made by each young person.BISM will be the school of choice across Egypt because we remain focused on our core purpose and aims.
The British system has been available in Egypt for many years and its traditional, structured, and disciplined approach is well-understood by many parents. In recent years the curriculum has been widened to add an international dimension so that children following the curriculum will gain a deeper understanding of other cultures.
There are several factors involved in admissions decisions but first and foremost is the expectation that an applicant can meet all of the Egyptian Ministry of Education’s rules and regulations. Educationally, the overriding expectancy is that the applicant can access the UK National Curriculum, both at home and at school. Therefore, the applicant’s academic performance and potential, family proficiency in English, and whether they have siblings already in the school are all key factors that must be considered. Although priority admission is given to children with siblings already in the school, admission for these children is not guaranteed. All siblings are granted early admission privileges, a guaranteed school place if accepted, and the opportunity for a single reassessment if rejected in the first student assessment. The final decision on whether to accept an applicant lies with the Head of School, who is advised by members of the Senior Management Team and academic staff.
The British International School does provide some support for children with Special Educational Needs or learning difficulties but this is needs assessed and handled on a case by case basis. Parents are obliged to disclose any previously identified learning needs and/or disabilities during the admissions process. The British International School reserves the right to remove children from school if it is discovered at a later date that parents have not disclosed the correct information at the time of the Parent Interview. In addition, if it becomes apparent that a child already in the school has Special Educational Needs or learning difficulties, parents will be informed of the best course of action to take in the interests of 

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Incompetent management and high fees make this a complete no for your children. This school is bleeding numbers. With GEMS running it from Dubai, you  are wasting your money - there are much better schools. BISM had three principals last year - two of them went before the school year began. GEMS is all about business and not education. Go to another school that puts real education first.

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