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ESCP Europe Business School, Turin Campus


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The Italian Campus was founded in March 2004. In Italy, ESCP Europe serves both students with Masters Programmes, and the business community, with a complete offer of executive education, applied research, and entrepreneurship services.
The headquarters in Torino became an essential opportunity for our business school to move further to the companies on the Italian territory, which found in ESCP Europe Torino Campus a valuable partner for the training of their talents.
The ESCP Europe Torino campus presents four distinctive characteristics. It is a young campus with the enthusiasm of a start-up and the phase of the healthy development of successful initiatives. Entrepreneurship, one of the critical values in which Torino campus believes in. This is fundamental for both; on the one hand, training managers and entrepreneurs able to make decisions also under challenging situations thanks to acquired skills and competences. On the other hand, by sustaining the development of entrepreneurial activities started by our students and alumni. Strong links with the business community are, for sure, one of the critical characteristics of the Italian Campus (over half of our activities are with the corporate world). This leads to a benefit for students, who can take advantage of the relationships of the School in the development of their academic and extra-academic curricula, for example, in terms of company projects, internships, applied research studies, entrepreneurial opportunities, and contributions of managers and professionals during the year. Academically, we offer you the highest international standards of ESCP Europe and its world-class certifications: EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. In particular, we aim at preparing the next ruling class, a community of exceptional people trained to be capable of taking managerial decisions on behalf of their companies and institutions. With this purpose in mind, our didactics are centered on preparing you as a future decision-maker in a complex economic context. This means providing you with the necessary knowledge and, more importantly, the skills and attitudes required of such a role. Action learning has proven to be a robust methodology. We adopt it as much as possible by including in our didactics case studies and real-life situations, which can make you practice the role of decision-maker. This approach will provide you with excitement and learning opportunities. Teamwork is, therefore, another critical element of the equation, which you will practice from your very first class.
To discover the many other reasons why the ESCP Europe is an established reality in the world of the management education and why it is worth doing a good experience in the Torino campus, we invite you to visit us, during the Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year or to the Grand Summer Gala at the end of the year.

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