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British Columbia Institute of Technology


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For over fifty years, BCIT has been educating career-ready graduates. Today, we're one of British Columbia's largest post-secondary institutes. BCIT: Integral to the economic, social, and environmental prosperity of British Columbia. BCIT exists to serve the success of learners and employers. BCIT is an institute of higher education that exists to serve the citizens of British Columbia and its partners worldwide and to educate and train graduates who are career-ready, who are immediately productive in their chosen workplace, and who are ongoing assets to their employers.

BCIT is an institution of inclusion. We strive to benefit from a BCIT education available to all who come to the institute prepared to meet our high standards. We educate, support, and care about our students and strive to graduate as many as possible. BCIT credentials are highly valued by business and industry. Our graduates receive a superior return on their investment in a BCIT education. BCIT exists to create the right kinds, quality, and quantities of skilled employees in professions in demand and can support a decent standard of living. The BCIT model of education focuses on launching and advancing careers, the broad availability of its programs, and the provision of education and training that can be accessed efficiently.

BCIT's foundation comprises certificates, diplomas, and both undergraduate and graduate degrees: the entry-to-practice credentials that lead to rewarding careers. These are enhanced by programs and courses aligned with career development and growth and include industry services, advanced studies, and continuing education. BCIT offers experiential and contextual teaching and learning with interdisciplinary experiences that model the evolving work environment. BCIT conducts applied research to enhance the learner experience and advance the state of practice. BCIT exercises its provincial mandate and priorities and its internationalization initiatives by collaborating globally with post-secondary systems and employers in activities that improve learner access and success.

BCIT is committed to:

  • providing a learner experience that supports students as individuals, provides a superior return on investment, and actively supports lifetime career success
  • educating and training practitioners who can support the success of employers by being immediately productive, be a source of new ideas, and advance the state of practice
  • being responsive and adaptive to the evolving needs of British Columbia
  • prudently stewarding resources entrusted to us in a manner that provides the citizens of British Columbia with the best possible return on their investment
  • fulfilling the goals set out for us by the Government of British Columbia, as outlined in its annual Letter of Expectations
  • providing a consistent level of quality of education and services for both full-time and part-time students and,
  • listening to our students so we can support them as learners and as people, ensuring they have every opportunity to reach our high standards, graduate, and to become alumni.


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