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Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences


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Our academic programs are well-respected and focus on developing the critical thinking and practical skills necessary for entry into today's fast-changing healthcare environment. Our students can work with some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the medical field through our affiliation with Trinity Regional Health System in both simulated and clinical settings.

Our dedicated faculty and staff work closely with other area health care professionals, bringing a collaborative and holistic approach to the curriculum. The College's long history of integration and passion for community health care demonstrates our responsiveness to the region's changing health care needs. Our origins can be traced back to 1898 when health care was much different than it is today. As the College has grown over the years, we have developed innovative teaching strategies using cutting-edge technologies to prepare healthcare professionals for the dynamic health care environment.

Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences is dedicated to preparing health care professionals for an ever-changing global community. Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences incorporates innovative teaching and learning strategies in order to develop health care professionals who promote the health of individuals, families, and communities.

The history of Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences can be traced back to 1898 when the Moline Public School of Nursing opened its doors with four students 1899 when St. Anthony's Hospital School of Nursing opened its doors with four students and 1916 when the Lutheran Hospital and its School for Nurses opened its doors to serve students interested in the field of nursing. With medical advances made in the late 1930s, these three hospitals and their respective schools of nursing continued to serve the residents of the Quad City area.

A Trinity education is values-driven, emphasizing clinical reasoning, and the artful delivery of culturally competent care.

  • Trinity College is committed to the use of best practices in academics and clinical care.
  • Trinity College fosters a culture of caring, which reflects compassion and respect.
  • Trinity College embraces diversity and promotes cultural congruence.
  • Trinity College faculty, staff, and students uphold professional codes and ethical standards in education and practice.
  • Trinity College models the importance of knowledge acquisition as a commitment to professional practice.

The College demonstrates its commitment to quality education by continually evaluating and analyzing program and course outcomes. Outcomes data provide the foundation for a course and program changes while maintaining a quality learning experience.

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