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    Fairgreen International School

    Founding year: 2018
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Graeme Scott (Director)

    Fairgreen International School is a modern, forward-thinking school located in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai. It is a school that prides itself on its commitment to educational excellence, sustainability, and social responsibility. With a diverse student population representing over 80 nationalities and a highly experienced and qualified faculty, this school offers world-class education to its students.

    Founded in 2018, Fairgreen International School has a vision to create a better world through knowledge, creativity, and compassion. It follows an ethos of sustainability, which means that the school is designed to conserve resources and reduce its carbon footprint. It is entirely powered by renewable energy, and its green building features have earned it numerous accolades, including the LEED Platinum certification, which is the highest level of certification for sustainable buildings.

    Fairgreen International School offers a comprehensive academic program for students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12, following the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. The IB framework is focused on helping students develop critical thinking skills, communication skills, and a deep understanding of global issues. The school provides a broad range of academic and extracurricular activities, including theater, music, art, sports, and community service programs.

    One of the unique features of this school is its emphasis on student-led learning. The school encourages students to take ownership of their learning, to develop their own interests, and to pursue their passions. Teachers act as facilitators and mentors, guiding students along the way and helping them to achieve their goals.

    Another standout feature of Fairgreen International School is its commitment to social responsibility. The school encourages students to make a positive impact on the world, to be caring and compassionate leaders, and to take an active role in addressing global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and inequality. Students participate in a range of community service programs, volunteering their time and energy to help those in need.

    In conclusion, Fairgreen International School is a truly exceptional institution that offers a world-class education in a sustainable, socially responsible environment. Its commitment to academic excellence, creativity, and social responsibility makes it a leading educational institution in the Middle East. If you are looking for a school that offers a holistic education for your child, with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility, then Fairgreen International School is the perfect choice.




    Address: Fairgreen International School, The Sustainable City, Dubai, 50001, United Arab Emirates

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