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  • The Multinational School - Bahrain


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    The Multinational School - Bahrain

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    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Nicky Perfect (Principal)

    MNS is a fully inclusive school. This means that we do not only accept students who score at the top of our entrance test. Our tests can determine if there is a barrier to full learning that may be keeping a student from achieving to the best of their ability.
    Some children are not achieving as they could because of a variety of reasons. At MNS, we can assess things like dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, and autism, to name a few potential barriers to independent learning. These are then referred to best prepare a program for these children to succeed and eventually enter their IGCSE exams. Inclusion means that these children are included in the general class activities and classes.
    We are a multinational school, and our student body represents over 50 nationalities – some of whom do not have English as a home language. Yet, our language of instruction and assessment is in English. This department identifies the need for additional English language support at enrollment. Sessions are timetabled. Most often, while the class is busy with English tasks, the students are pulled out into small groups (or individuals if it is felt that the language gap requires this for a time) and engage with a particular English development program. Students are continuously assessed, and the aim is for them to become sufficiently proficient in English as a language of teaching and learning, not to require these classes anymore.
    Students with particular academic strengths or those with specific maths or language abilities are identified by the teachers and engage in a cross-class program that helps challenge and extend these students. We expand our search and offerings into the arts too.
    MNS is a special place for all who are a part of it. One only has to visit us to recognize that it is a happy place. We focus on producing a comfortable and safe environment where learning can occur, and through this, we continuously achieve fantastic results.
    Our School prides itself on its high expectations and high aspirations for all the children and young people and their families who are part of our community here at MNS-Bahrain. Your child’s education is your priority as well as ours. We see ourselves as partners in your child’s learning and personal development, offering a balanced curriculum that addresses each child as a unique person with their strengths, needs, aspirations, and interests.






    Address: The Multinational School - Bahrain, Building 850, Road 3828 Adliya, Rd No 3831, Manama, Bahrain, 122001, Bahrain

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