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  • The Eastern School, Bahrain


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    The Eastern School, Bahrain

    Founding year: 2011
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 500
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Dr. Monica Mathur (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0
    Type: 65</li><li><i class="fa fa-graduation-cap"></i><b>Number of Students: </b>500


    The Eastern School believes in three R's, "Respect, Responsibility, and Resourcefulness" The Eastern School where educational and social development goes hand in hand. Our tailored focus on academics and the whole child means that every child will find a happy home here. At the Eastern School, we believe in:

    • UNIQUENESS: Each child is unique who requires a secure, caring, and stimulating educational environment where growth and maturity are achieved emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.
    • FACILITATING: Teachers are facilitators, providing access to information rather than acting as the primary source of information.
    • SELF- DISCOVERY: For learners to construct knowledge, they need to discover and practice skills in authentic opportunities.
    • RELEVANCE: Learners need to study things that are meaningful, purposeful, and applicable to their lives and interests.
    • COLLABORATION: Open sharing of ideas and a democratic approach to discipline are integral to developing a deep love and respect for learners, others, and their environment.
    • FREE EXPRESSION: Learners need to be heard but within the confines of logic and reason, in an environment where they are free to express themselves.
    • CONTINUOUS LEARNING: Learning is a never-ending process and is not confined to the walls of the classroom.

    The Eastern School, where learners are empowered and fostered by competent faculty and staff, is dedicated to producing individuals who will be of service to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our mission is to develop learners with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress each child's total development: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.

    It is a co-educational day school that offers modern facilities of the highest order. Holistically providing education at the same time ensuring excellence in all its aspects is the hallmark of School. We believe in a kind of education that nurtures the values and spirit of inquiry. The backbone of any educational institution is its faculty. They, being the role models, set the benchmark. Children will be groomed by highly dedicated, globally exposed, and well-experienced teachers. We invite you to become a part of our endeavor to help your child achieve his maximum potential through the high quality of education and service, development of character, spirit, intellect, and personality.

    A school's curriculum comprises all learning and other experiences that a school plans for its students. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that our students develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding to be confident, booming, and independent individuals and society members. We value academic excellence, and we provide a learning environment in which all of our students can achieve their personal best, according to their abilities and talents.

    At the Eastern School, we have one underlying aim which results from our School's mission and vision statements, namely: To provide a stable, happy, stimulating, and challenging environment in an atmosphere where cultural and religious diversity permeate through all aspects of school life where everyone is valued and encouraged to strive for the highest standards in order to fulfill their ability and potential. To achieve this, we:

    • Strive to create a caring, tolerant atmosphere that will permeate the children's lives and stimulate their social growth in conjunction with their parents and society.
    • Create a safe and family atmosphere where all members of the School are nurtured and valued for their unique qualities to develop in individuals a positive attitude towards themselves with a strong sense of self-respect.
    • Give learners a vision of all the positive opportunities and experiences life offers and equip them with coping strategies with life's realities.
    • Develop tolerance and empathy for others and a sense of respect for other people's property, ideas, and beliefs.
    • Encourage the growth of independence, application, perseverance, self-discipline, and initiative so that the children are prepared for adult life's responsibilities.
    • Offer a broad-based curriculum to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, promote curiosity and enjoyment in learning, and provide knowledge and skills to equip learners for work and leisure as active, confident, and responsible members of a rapidly developing society.
    • Develop aesthetic awareness through ingenuity and the ability to appreciate the beauty in all its forms.
    • Give avenues for the development of physical skills and an enjoyment of participation in group and team activities.
    • Develop positive attitudes towards, and concern for, the environment and society.
    • Foster close relationships with the local community.
    • Encourage a sense of moral responsibility and self-discipline appropriate to the stage of development of each child.
    Address: The Eastern School, Bahrain, Adliya Manameh, BH, ., Bahrain

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