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  • St Andrew's Christian School


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    St Andrew's Christian School

    Founding year: 1983
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Mac Lindsay (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    We have a full and rich school life at St Andrew's Christian School, with many fantastic events happening within our school community. Every year our students participate in athletics, cross-country, and swimming carnivals, with students who qualify to progress to zone and then state levels. The most beautiful aspect of our carnivals is the sense of community that exists as Kindergarten through to Year 12 students spend the day together encouraging each other and having fun.

    Indonesian language and culture are being taught in our Primary and Secondary classes. One of our parents, Maria Waterson, is teaching the classes with our regular teachers. Maria was born in Indonesia and has proven to be an enthusiastic member of staff. The school is also supporting an orphanage in Indonesia, Mamo Sayang, with our School Chaplain, Mick Schilling, and Principal, Mac Lindsay, visiting the orphanage this year. We are hoping to send mission teams to work in the orphanage and school regularly.

    Our school has been selected to be part of the Federal Government's School Literacy Program. The Program includes intense training in Literacy Development for both the Principal and our Head of Primary. The school has been able to purpose the best testing and diagnostic tools. Serving Christ by providing education that pursues excellence in all of the life Objectives:

    •  To provide an education of high academic standards that adheres to the Bible as being intensely relevant to education and the whole of life.
    •  To present a Christian worldview of life and an understanding of the Christian faith modeled by staff's life and teaching.
    •  To encourage a sense of belonging to Christ's kingdom through participation in Christian fellowship.
    •  To provide a caring, supportive, secure, and encouraging environment in which students and staff can learn and work.
    •  To promote a culture of Christ-like service to others.
    •  To provide a wide range of subjects and activities in order to promote the uniqueness of each individual.
    •  To recognize that each individual is created in God's image and, therefore, worthy of understanding and respect.
    •  To seek wise stewards of our resources and act ethically and with integrity in all of our relationships.

    Thank you for considering St Andrew's Christian School for your child's education. Christian school education rests on a belief that the child's development requires that we deliberate about the beliefs and values that they are taught. Children's spiritual development is not an annex to their education; it is an integral part of it.

    Beliefs, values, and issues of faith, therefore, sit at the center of the curriculum and all subjects at St Andrew's Christian School. Spiritual development provides meaning, context, and purpose to the pursuit of excellence in our students' academic, cultural, physical, and social development. St Andrew's aim is for students to know what they believe and why their character is formed based on sound beliefs and values.

    Our Primary school is an integral part of our Kinder to Year 12 philosophy. The Primary School has a coordinator who oversees the New South Wales Board of Studies syllabi in teaching programs K - 6, pastoral care, and students' discipline. Students in our Primary enjoy access to all secondary facilities such as Kitchen, Science Lab, Computer Room, Music Lab, and Technology Workshop to gain the full richness a Kinder to Year 12 campus offers. All students attend the school library at least once per week.

    Our secondary section also has a coordinator who has oversight of all curriculum issues. As a registered school in NSW, St Andrew's provides a comprehensive curriculum that meets all of the Board of Studies requirements. The staff is all highly trained professional teachers, committed to giving your child the best opportunities for achieving the outcomes across all stages of the curriculum. This includes both the School Certificate and the Higher School Certificate.

    Students are also encouraged to participate in the many extra-curricular activities of the school. These activities are designed to extend the student's interests and include a wide range of sporting activities, Primary and Secondary Choirs, and vocal and instrumental groups.

    Address: St Andrew's Christian School, 84 Washpool Road Clarenza , New South Wales, NSW 2460, Australia

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