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    Welcome to Berowra Christian School. Our primary aim is to help your child develop a profound sense of identity and purpose, empowering them to achieve their full potential and be their best. Becoming a lifelong learner and understanding; they are created to be a reflection of God’s love and grace in their lives is at the heart of everything we do to support their journey.

    Located in the quiet bushland surrounds of Berowra, BCS is an interdenominational school with a primary focus on maintaining a high standard of academic excellence and success. It was noted in 2014* as being the school with the most significant student gains from Year 3 to Year 5 of schools within the local area, a clear indication of what a strong team with deeply committed attitudes can produce.

    Additionally, our dedicated staff concentrates their attention on underpinning your child’s journey, teaching them to love, serve, and develop at their best and prepare them for secondary school and life beyond education. Working from core Christian values, we believe that students will discover their identity in Christ, grow in self-confidence, and leave with a solid bedrock of faith.

    It is a privilege for us as teachers and staff to hear that our desire for every child to feel known and nurtured is communicated to parents. We make an intentional commitment to listening to parents. In our latest annual school survey, one parent commented on how much they felt their son had developed how confident, happy, and included he felt. This is why we do what we do. This is why we center on providing a safe and nurturing environment inclusive of parent input, community involvement, and children’s feedback.

    It is not the absence of life challenges and difficulties that determine a child’s – and a school’s – success. Instead, it is the way a school and its parents communicate and work together. The level of communication and collaboration turns challenges into opportunities, and students learn, grow, and thrive.

    In a rapidly changing world, a firm foundation is essential. I believe the greatest strength of Berowra Christian School is the passionate and caring team of Christian staff who love coming to work each day and who make learning fun. Our staff is approachable, and parents comment on how trustworthy and reliable they are. I believe that the well-educated, secure, and confident students that leave us at the end of year six are a testament to this commitment that each teacher has made in their time with your student.

    For 30 years, Berowra Christian School students have consistently thrived as they move into secondary education. This has been due to the firm foundation that has been laid in their primary school years. Some of the defining factors that make our school stand apart from the rest are:

    • A Christian foundation at the root of everything we do
    • Robust academic programs from our Board of Studies approved curriculum with proven* student growth year to year
    • Excellent opportunities in music, art, debating and a wide variety of sports
    • Real opportunities for all pupils to experience leadership and service both in our school and beyond
    • Realistic small class sizes where every teacher knows every child

    I pray that you consider Berowra Christian School for your child. I look forward to getting to know you and your child and learning how to best provide for your child’s educational journey. Inquiries and visitors are always welcome at BCS. Contact us today to book a tour, and I would love to show you around our school.

    Berowra Christian Community School exists to offer children a comprehensive education that will train them in Godly thinking and living in a nurturing environment that encourages them to realize their full potential, develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live joyful and productive lives for Him.

    Registration with the NSW Board of Studies is maintained through the standard process of documentation and regular inspection. Registration requires that all schools use Board of Studies approved courses in the delivery of their educational curriculum. Our reporting requirements are compliant with each child developing individuality in community, ensuring they have the best foundation to serve and excel.o make sure that all students are receiving the right learning support, they are assessed twice annually to map literacy and numeracy progress We carry out these internal standardized tests twice a year to monitor student progress. The NAPLAN assessments are conducted in May for students in Years Three and Five. We are careful to ensure that any student in need of learning assistance receives the necessary support.

    Our small class sizes ensure that students receive individualized instruction making the teaching/learning experience one of high rigor, progress, adaptation, and vitality. We often have composite classes and these work successfully, allowing excellent socialization across grades and right opportunities to vary the pace of learning for individual students

    In addition to teaching in all Key Learning Areas, we teach from a Biblical worldview that underpins the values we adhere to and provides a platform and reference for competing interests in school life. The Word of God is integrated sensitively and respectfully with an emphasis on service and Christ’s grace, into all aspects of school life, from prayer at the commencement of the day to the foundations of our policy formation.

    Supporting the Key Learning Areas, we offer several other learning opportunities. Specialists teach music and art, and children are introduced to Information Technology from Kindergarten in the school computer lab. A high-profile exists for the school in the sport with many representative opportunities, and we enjoy using Berowra oval twice weekly, keeping students active and fit. Our students participate in yearly activities such as our Thanksgiving Service, our biennial Pet Show, and annual Grandparents Day to extend their skills beyond the curriculum.

    Berowra Christian Community School
    Founding year: 1986
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Steven Dodd (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0
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    Address: Berowra Christian Community School, Crn Berowra Waters Road and, King St, Berowra , Australian Capital Territory, NSW 2081, Australia

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