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Brisbane Girls Grammar School


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Brisbane Girls Grammar is an excellent school with a unique heritage of scholarship and innovation. This is exemplified by our talented and optimistic students, dedicated expert staff, and a supportive community of parents, alumni, and friends who value the most beautiful traditions and aspirations in education.
Educating and caring for teenaged girls is our area of expertise. We understand that parents entrusting the education of their daughters to us is a great responsibility. Confident in the strength of our academic traditions and cultural values, the School embraces the challenges of the future to support our girls to become thoughtful, resilient, and confident young women. Girls Grammar education recognizes the individual's particular strengths and needs, seeking to draw out the very best in every girl.
While Girls Grammar is academically non-selective, our students' academic achievements are remarkable. We are consistently the top-performing girls' School in the state, with our girls achieving exceptional results in the Year 12 Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test, the Overall Position (OP) scores, and the National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests.
Our School is far more than a provider of an academically rigorous education. We offer an environment where girls are encouraged to be discerning. Challenging assumptions and becoming comfortable with uncertainty allows them to be reflective and open to others' ideas while fostering a strong sense of self.
The School's teaching and learning facilities have expanded significantly in recent years, and in 2013 we acquired our Rangakarra Recreational and Environmental Education Centre at Fig Tree Pocket. Complementing the main campus in Spring Hill and our Outdoor Education Centre in the Mary Valley, this thirteen-hectare site provides the School with its playing fields and opportunities to develop additional educational facilities.
In 2013 we commenced work on a significant building project at our main campus — the Research Learning Centre. This five-story building, integrating flexible teaching spaces and a contemporary library facility, was officially opened on Friday 13 March 2015 by Queensland Governor His Excellency, the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, to coincide with the introduction of Year 7 to Girls Grammar and the School's 140th-anniversary celebrations.
At the heart of the School, and at the core of all that we do, are the young women in our care. In partnership with families, the School's responsibility is to develop in our girls the capacity to engage with and respond to their world with wisdom, imagination, and integrity.
The School's comprehensive framework of student care, based on the House system, nurtures each girl's intellectual, emotional, and social development. Our expert teachers and specialist staff ensure that our girls receive the understanding, care, and support they need during the crucial stage of adolescence.
Our wide-ranging programs of academic, sporting, cultural, community service and leadership activities are designed to recognize the particular talents of your daughter and to develop her unique abilities.
Brisbane Girls Grammar School's Curriculum is designed to nurture exceptional scholarship and educate students broadly and liberally by ensuring that they are engaged in a wide range of disciplines.
The Curriculum is based on the School's philosophy of learning, which encompasses the three key elements of knowledge, skills, and teaching practice (pedagogy). We focus on learning how to learn well, promoting a positive learning mindset, and maximizing learning with productive cognitive and behavioral techniques. Our teaching emphasizes the capacity of an individual to learn, educate the girls to embrace academic challenges, and benefit from the struggles they may encounter.
The introduction of the Australian Curriculum has allowed us to examine and refine our understanding of quality education. As such, it is being implemented systematically and thoughtfully beginning with Year 7. This approach minimizes the conceptual gaps which may be associated with a significant curriculum change while allowing us to create units that achieve our educational objectives.
The School's commitment to exceptional teaching provides authentic and empowering learning environments for students. Our teachers foster rigor and deep understanding, educating the girls to use disciplined and critical inquiry. Students are taught to understand connectedness across different contexts and become engaged with their learning and learning processes.

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