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We are a learning community passionate about developing, inspiring and guiding a boy on his journey to manhood. The learning journey at Brighton Grammar School starts with one small step – whether your son is entering the Early Learning Centre, the Junior School, our Middle School, or even as a senior boy for the VCE years.

Every stage of the journey through our School has been carefully designed to bring out the best in your son and to give him choice and opportunity to become the person he wants to be as he makes his way towards manhood. This is never a solo journey supporting each boy is a staff of people expert in teaching boys who have actively chosen to join a school that teaches only boys.

Our staff really get to know the boys because not only do they teach them in the class room, but they coach or manage sports teams, get involved in drama, chess, debating and music, attend outdoor education camps and manage the pastoral care program. One of the great strengths of our school is the way in which boys feel a sense of belonging and that they are known.

Our tagline is ‘we teach boys’ – at one level an obvious claim. However, ‘we teach boys’ actually highlights our expertise in understanding boys, celebrating boys and knowing HOW to teach boys.

Our School’s four core values underpin everything we do as a community Passion for teaching and learning. Respect for people and everything around us. Integrity in behaviour and decision making. Accountability for our actions, contributions and achievements.

BGS was founded as a school for boys by Dr George Henry Crowther in 1882.  Since then, BGS has had an unbroken history in turning generations of boys into successful men. Through significant and ongoing investment in facilities, staff and new teaching techniques BGS has been able to constantly adapt to an ever changing world to ensure that our students have the skills and self-belief to meet the demands society places on men.

While the fundamentals of education are the same for either gender, boys thrive in a culture that understands, accepts and celebrates the masculine without conforming to stereotypes about what it means to 'be a man'. BGS offers the only boy-specific ELC learning program in Victoria. It’s delivered with a sense of fun, curiosity, caring, celebration, opportunity and love, which supports the boys in our care. This is your son’s first step into education – visit us and you’ll see why he couldn’t get a better start.

Because we know the relationship between a boy and his teachers is core to how he values learning and his ultimate success at school, great effort is invested in the primary years on ensuring these relationships are positive and nurturing. It took years of research, design and construction to create the perfect environment for our Year 7 and 8 boys to grow, learn and thrive. It’s challenging. It’s different. It’s worth learning more. Underpinning everything we do in the Senior School is our belief that you don’t know what you can do unless you ‘give it a go’ – and when you do, keep striving to do it better every time. Learning the lessons of effort, persistence and adaptability will ensure these boys thrive, both at school and beyond the gates.

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