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St George & Sutherland Community College


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SGSCC is committed to providing a range of quality vocational, accredited, and leisure courses and programs to cater to our community's life-long learning and development needs. The College is proud to have received the ACE Endorsed Quality Award from The Board of Adult and Community Education for its outstanding commitment to quality principles and practices. Propelled by this prestigious award, the College remains dedicated to the continual improvement and delivery of excellence in our service and programs.

Over 300 courses in over 30 venues throughout St George and Sutherland areas- day, evening, and weekend available. Contact us if you would like us to tailor any courses for your business on your site or ours or if you would like to suggest a course to add to our extensive range. SGSCC's mission is to provide a range of quality vocational, leisure, English, school-aged, and disability services to the community. Across these sections, we help people learn and grow. Our tutors and trainers are experts in their delivery area, ensuring you get the most out of your time with us.

SGSCC Foundation was established to support people with disabilities and others who face barriers in social and civic participation. Focused on ensuring that people typically marginalized by society have a sense of community belonging and acceptance, SGSCC Foundation supports people with intellectual, mental health, and physical disabilities.

SGSCC is committed to being an employer of choice. We provide exceptional services led by exceptional staff. If you are looking for a high level of job satisfaction and are passionate about positively impacting people's lives, we need you on our team. SGSCC has a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) Status enabling eligible employees to take advantage of salary packaging opportunities. SGSCC is also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and provides staff with the opportunity to gain up to date qualifications and skillsets.

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