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Higher Institute of Electronics of Paris


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The Institut Supérieur d'Electronique de Paris, located in the heart of Paris, next to the "Quartier Latin," was created in 1955, just where Edouard Branly, Teacher of Physics at the "Catholic University of Paris" (21 Rue d'Assas), discovered in 1890 the radio conductors which would lead to the invention of the French Television.
Classrooms, Labs, and Administration of the school are located in a building built in 1988 and located at the 28, rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs, Paris. The ISEP master's degree is recognized by the engineering accreditation institution (CTI) since 1960. In 1969, the school formed an association with 19 other schools (27 until today) of the catholic private sector. This association is named FESIC (Engineer and Management Graduate Schools Federation). In 1971, the school was recognized by the French government. In 2014, ISEP opened a new campus at Issy-les-Moulineaux.
SEP is a French engineering graduate school in digital technology, known as a "Grande École d'Ingénieurs." ISEP trains very high-level graduate engineers who receive thorough training in Electronics, Telecommunications & Networks, Software Engineering, Signal-Image Processing, and Humanities, providing them with the required knowledge and skills to meet the needs of businesses. Since 2008, ISEP has been offering an international program taught entirely in English, which allows international students to obtain the Engineering Master Degree.
Digital technology is everywhere: from complicated industrial equipment to daily objects (mobile phones, transportation, household appliances, etc.). It holds an essential place in a globalized economy and opens up new hiring opportunities for our graduates.
There is a shortage of engineers in our country: every year, nearly 37,000 engineers are trained in France, but actually, the French job market requires 42,000 Engineers.
ISEP engineers are active in different IT-related business sectors: computer consulting, software, hardware, aerospace and automotive, banks, insurance, pharmaceutical, etc.
Basing on the survey of the French magazine Usine Nouvelle, ISEP is ranked among the top French graduate engineering institutions: France's 1st private engineering school and 11th out of 106 best engineering graduate schools.
ISEP welcomes a diverse range of international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
International students with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in related fields (e.g., computer engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer science) can apply for the Engineering Master Degree program, entirely taught in English: 3 specializations are proposed: Embedded Sytems, Software Engineering and Wireless Telecommunication and IoT Systems.
Step international team will help you get started and keep you informed of every necessary step, from the beginning to your successful academic achievement.
Here you will find some useful and practical information to prepare (and enjoy) your stay at ISEP.

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