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All Saints Anglican School


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Welcome to the All Saints Anglican School, So what are some of the influences that guide us as a school in our policy and decision making? In a rapidly changing, often inconsistent world, it falls to our schools to imbue the young with a sense of purpose and a clear set of values. The primary role for any school must be to instill in its pupils a sense of personal and collective integrity, which can stand firm in the shifting sands of technological innovation and materialism.

Education, which is, by definition, a dynamic and proactive force in society, has undergone a transformation inspired by the rapid onset of information technology and the consequent shift in societal expectations about how young people should learn. The challenge for contemporary educators is to embrace much greater flexibility in both the individual learning styles of students and in curriculum and syllabus design. All Saints Anglican School is ideal for offering such flexibility, with its commitment to the regular curriculum and syllabus review, and it is the innovative, intellectually curious staff.

The pursuit of academic excellence must necessarily form a fundamental tenet of independent schooling. However, where this is done without an accompanying concern for the individual's spiritual and emotional development, it can become barren and meaningless. We believe the exact role of educators in the world is to prepare people to lead fulfilling lives, whatever their academic potential may be. One of the keys to this lies in the development, preferably during one's school years, of both a sense of self-discipline and a genuine sense of altruism.

Our Vision All Saints Anglican School is a world-class Christian school where everyone joyfully reaches their full potential. In this School, students and staff members will act confidently and considerately, rejoicing in the knowledge that they are giving their best in a community where they belong and are valued. They will be aware of the integrity that flows from balancing their spiritual, academic, social, physical, emotional, and creative impulses. A sense of wellbeing and optimism will characterize all aspects of school life. Our Mission To have passionate, sensitive, and intelligent staff who are nurtured and inspired to work together to fulfill the vision of the School. Every member of the All Saints community is aware of the vision of the School and of their role in enacting that vision. Regular, honest, and thoughtful communication between all community members reassures stakeholders who know they have a voice that is valued and heard. The School is open to all students irrespective of ethnic or religious origins and is dedicated to:

  • The education of the whole person
  • The pursuit of excellence
  • The fostering of enquiring minds through a broad but well-balanced curriculum will enrich students' lives through the development of initiative, character, and personality.

The curriculum encompasses all of the planned and guided learning experiences offered to the students by the School. The individual student with his/her needs, abilities, and interests is the center around which the curriculum is developed. The curriculum at All Saints is designed to provide a continuum of experience and knowledge acquisition from Pre Prep to Year 12. Emphasis is on the education of the whole person - intellectual, cultural, physical, and spiritual. All Saints offers a Junior School, Middle School, and Senior School. Each section is semi-autonomous with its Head and Administration within a combined Pre Prep-Year 12 School. This separation of the School into three semi-autonomous groups - Junior School (Pre Prep-Year 6), Middle School (Years 7-9) and Senior School (Years 10-12), enables All Saints to:

  • Enhance and further develop curriculum and support structures appropriate to the students' developmental and intellectual needs
  • Extend the Pastoral Care system which caters for the needs of each student and
  • Expand specialist facilities, tuition, and support necessary to complement the child's growth and development.


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