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Abu Dhabi Indian School, Al Wathba


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Abu Dhabi Indian School, Al Wathba, is the first annex of Abu Dhabi Indian School, Muroor. Abu Dhabi Indian School has carved a niche in the educational sector of Abu Dhabi since its humble beginning in the year 1975. The nascent beginning of this branch of the Abu Dhabi Indian School at Al Wathba was on 4th September 2014 under the visionary leadership of Padmashree Recipient Dr.B.R.Shetty, the Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Indian School Management Committee. It was a dream come true for the Indian Community here in Abu Dhabi. We wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to the UAE leadership for their support towards the Indian community. Abu Dhabi Indian School has carved a niche in the educational sector of Abu Dhabi since its humble beginning in the year 1975.

The school is built over a sprawling area of 34,500 sq.m and is equipped to enrich educational opportunities for 3,450 students. The school provides a flexible and transformative learning environment. We at ADIS, Al Wathba, have a highly qualified team of teachers who encourage our students to explore new educational experiences and prepare them to be proactive in planning their academic schedules.

Summary of ADEK Inspection

Abu Dhabi Indian School, Branch 1, provides an acceptable quality of education. The school has responded well to the 50% increase in students over two years and the corresponding increase in teaching staff.

Students’ achievement overall is acceptable: most students attain levels that are at expected curriculum standards, and most make acceptable progress, including those with special education needs (SEN) or with gifts and talents (G&T). In Arabic, overall, students’ attainment and progress are weak. The quality of teaching is acceptable in almost all subjects; it is weak in Arabic. The quality of curriculum implementation is acceptable and creates useful links to promote students’ understanding of Emirati culture and heritage.

Students’ personal and social development is excellent. They enjoy school and have very positive attitudes to learning. Students’ well-being is a priority, and all staff contributes positively to high-quality protection, care, guidance, and support. Parents are incredibly supportive of the educational environment the school provides, of the very effective communication the school maintains, and of their children’s personal development and academic achievements. The principal shares a clear strategic direction and provides practical guidance and support. The school has established a robust structure of distributive leadership and teamwork at all levels. Morale is high among staff, who share a commitment to continuous improvement. The highly efficient organization and management contribute to the smooth running of this large school.

School’s strengths

  • Students’ close attention when listening and their confident spoken English
  • Students’ very positive attitudes to learning, harmonious relationships, self-discipline and enjoyment of school
  • Students’ healthy personal development nurtured by the high quality of care, welfare, security, and guidance provided by all staff
  • Highly efficient organization and management
  • The principal’s clear strategic guidance and support, and the effective distributive leadership and teamwork at all levels.

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