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Australian School Of Business, University Of New South Wales


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Located in Sydney, but deeply connected to the world. Our collaborative education and research partnerships extend throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond to ensure that our graduates are culturally versatile and understand their role in the world's business and social challenges. Our students are Australia's brightest, and they are our future. Whether you aspire to lead an organization, run your successful enterprise or pursue ground-breaking research, we will open the door to your success with undergraduate, postgraduate, research, and MBA programs covering every aspect of the business.

Leaders in their academic fields, our lecturers, and researchers also bring real-world expertise to our active community. Innovation centers and high-tech flipped classrooms encourage students to be proactive in their learning experience, with workplace activities and industry mentoring an integral part of our real-world approach. Our original, relevant business research shapes economic policy and influences how business is done around the world. Our research students and staff are working on some of our time's tremendous social and economic challenges, creating published work with real-world impact and outcomes.

The way we live and work in the future will be nothing like today. So we are transforming the way we learn and research – ensuring our future business leaders are adaptable, creative problem-solvers. In 2007, Australia's top-ranking MBA School, the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), merged with one of the region's leading commerce faculties to form the UNSW Business School. Today, our robust global business network of more than 75,000 alumni speaks for itself, and we encourage them to be part of our lifelong learning program.

At UNSW Business School, we believe that asking 'why' may lead to knowledge; asking 'why not' creates innovation and progress. This ethos is at the heart of UNSW Business School and reflects our pioneering attitude, determination of spirit, and entrepreneurial flair. UNSW Business School – Where Great Minds Do Business With more than 350 academics and researchers, and almost 220 professional and technical staff, the UNSW Business School is home to some of Australia's leading minds in business and industry.

As one of Australia's leading business schools, our mission is to be a globally engaged, high impact, and academically-rigorous business school that enhances practice through leading-edge research. We understand the business landscape has transformed and that we must evolve with it. That is why we are challenging ourselves to look to the future and have developed a five-year strategic plan to make sure our students, staff, alumni, and partners are ready for the way we will live and work in 2020.

We will create an outstanding, personalized, and transformative learning experience that positions students to become entrepreneurs, renowned researchers, or respected executives and leaders in organizations worldwide. We will identify, develop, and promote our research, focusing on high-impact, internationally-recognized research areas.

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