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Abu Dhabi Grammar School


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Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital and the second-largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is one of the seven United Arab Emirates. The city lies on a T-shaped island jutting into the Persian Gulf in the Arabian Peninsula. The city and its surrounding communities make up an area of 67,340 km2 (26,000 sq mi). Abu Dhabi houses principal offices of the federal government and is the seat for the United Arab Emirates Government and the home for the Emirati Royal Family. Abu Dhabi has grown to be a cosmopolitan metropolis. Its rapid development and urbanization, coupled with the relatively high average income, has transformed Abu Dhabi. Today the city is the country's center of political, industrial activities, and a significant cultural and commercial center due to its position as the capital.

The School was founded by Mrs. Fatima Assad and licensed by the UAE Ministry of Education on the 1st of October 1994. The School was moved to its present location in January 2008. Currently, we have over 730 students from 36 different nationalities enrolled at AGS. Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) is accredited by the Nova Scotia Department of Education, Nova Scotia, Canada. As a private institution operating in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) must fulfill its obligations to the Department of Education in Nova Scotia and the Ministry of Education within the UAE. The School offers an enriched and challenging integrated program for approximately 750 students from Pre-School to Grade 12. The KG to Grade 12 curriculum is taught entirely in English except for courses in French, Arabic Language and Islamic Studies for Muslim students. Our School is nestled in the heart of the capital city, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The School has an enrolment of 1080 students, it operates as a private institution and provides the Nova Scotia curriculum to 50 nationalities from around the world. Abu Dhabi Grammar School (AGS) is Nova Scotia's most extended running international program.

A hot welcome from Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada). AGS began in 1994 in cooperation with the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. We offer our students a world-class educational experience that is recognized throughout the world. Our graduating students proudly leave our School with a High School Diploma issued by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Located in the ever-changing city of Abu Dhabi, we have moved along with this progressive city and offer a first-class education to the full range of students, from over 50 nationalities, who now attend. We are a welcoming school that strives to look for the best in each student. We have created a school culture that celebrates the differences in each other and accepts the knowledge of understanding and tolerance.

Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) is committed to empowering our learners with the skills and attitudes to take from AGS what they can, to continue to grow throughout their days as lifelong learners. Our students and teachers are our most significant resources, and we are very proud of them! We look forward to working with you and your child to provide the best educational experience possible.

Summary of ADEK Inspection

The overall quality of the School's performance is acceptable. Senior leaders and staff have begun to improve all performance standards. This improvement is due to their commitment to teamwork and robust professional development. Staff collaborates in a shared vision, underpinned by an accurate understanding of the School's strengths and areas for development. Students are making at least acceptable progress in all subject areas. Recent assessment results for the School's lower grades have shown a substantial rise in standards over the last twelve months. This is because teachers have higher expectations, and support for most students' learning has been significantly enhanced. Provision and planning for the ablest are less well developed. High-quality resources and an attractive learning environment support the effective delivery of the curriculum.

School's strengths

  • Impact of the principal and senior leaders on the recent rapid improvements in the School's quality of education
  • Positive relationships within the School as shown in students' good attendance, behavior and attitudes to learning
  • Students' understanding of UAE and other world cultures
  • Development of students as caring, well-rounded individuals.


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