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Abdullah Bin Zubair Private School


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The Motto of ABZ is to foster budding leaders. Welcome to the ABZ School, where we provide you with high-quality Cycle 1 & 2 Education in the National Curriculum of England and Wales, United Kingdom. At ABZ, we pride ourselves on offering a study package to cater for all of your needs. Not only are our Curriculum courses so varied as to attract students at every level from Beginners to Proficiency, but they also cover many specialist areas to suit every student's individual learning goals.

Abdulla Bin Zubair School is started in the year 2012, with a motto to foster budding leaders. At ABZ, we prepare the students for the successful future by providing them with opportunities that free the young minds to choose and excel in whatever their choice is. Providing them a platform to explore is the main priority in our education.

The National Curriculum of England and Wales is supplemented with Club Activities and Co-curricular activities. Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Social, and Aesthetic Development gives them a well-grounded personality to face the world's challenges from a young age.

Independence, creativity, and holistic development is the thrust for our Curriculum and co-curriculum. Enabling each student to be a leader and independent thinker is our priority.

Building on the precious Islamic values and Arabic Heritage, the school would foster and strengthen its tradition to go forward as global citizens.

It provides a caring and creative environment that emphasizes the Social, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual development of each child and developing young people with a sense of understanding, compassion, and righteousness.

ABZ Private School seeks to provide a unique, creative, and active learning environment where the children are provided with opportunities to enhance their learning and needs. ABZ Private school aims to improve student learning experiences and raise students' academic outcomes to be at an internationally competitive level, necessary to achieve the UAE Vision.

ABZ Private School adopts the National Curriculum of England and Wales, NC. The Curriculum is based on the Primary National Strategy of National Curriculum of England and Wales and is concerned with the child's overall progress in all aspects. The Curriculum is broad and balanced and is relevant for all the children at ABZ. Individual care and attention strengthen the Curriculum, and the innovative learning experiences encourage them to be active learners. The variety of extra and Co-Curricular activities adds breadth to the Curriculum. Along with this enriched Curriculum, Discipline, Character, and Behavior development are taken into serious consideration.

Moreover, the school is committed to the MOE curriculum in UAE for Arabic, Islamic, and Arabic social studies. In addition to NC, innovative Curriculum and extra-curriculum activities, the MOE curriculum strengthens the loyalty and citizenship of students' personalities, sticking them to UAE culture and Heritage.

Summary of ADEK Inspection

The overall performance of the school is weak. In summer 2016, the school reorganized with the middle phase's loss had a 60% turnover of staff and an influx of 130 new students, representing a significant minority of the total roll. The senior leadership team was restructured, and leadership is now much improved. The school provides a safe and secure environment for students though it does not adequately prepare them for future education. Students' understanding and appreciation of UAE culture and Heritage are one of the school's strengths. They know how to live healthy lifestyles, but their attainment in most core subjects is weak. While some aspects of teaching are functional, especially in Grades 4 and 5, the overall effectiveness of teaching is weak in almost half of all lessons. In the minority of lessons in Grades 2 and 3, boys often lose interest and misbehave. This affects the learning and progress of other students. The principal and newly formed senior leadership team are aware of the situation and the problems associated with the recent high turnover of staff and the rapid rise in student numbers. They have a clear vision for school improvement but have not yet fully implemented plans and strategies to improve the situation. Parents are fully supportive of the school—the school benefits from suitable premises.

School's Strengths

  • The school's arrangements for the protection, care, health and safety of students
  • The promotion of the culture and heritage of the UAE
  • The vision and direction of the newly formed leadership team.

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