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We are developing skilled professionals who live the healing values of Christ. Adventist University of Health Sciences (ADU) is a Seventh-day Adventist institution specializing in healthcare education in a faith-affirming environment. Service-oriented and guided by the values of nurture, excellence, spirituality, and stewardship, the University seeks to develop leaders who will practice healthcare as a ministry.
Graduates who live these values extend the healing ministry of Christ. Adventist University of Health Sciences (ADU) embraces the benefit of whole-person care, as demonstrated in the life and ministry of Christ. The University is dedicated to developing skilled professionals who live the healing values of Christ. Graduates who live these values effectively extend the healing ministry of Christ.
Adventist University strives to create an educational environment that fosters the inculcation of its four core values: Nurture, Excellence, Spirituality, and Stewardship. From those four ideals, the University has identified seven learning outcomes that inform its curricular and extracurricular endeavors that manifest in the lives of its graduates.
Live out your passion for helping others while enhancing your education. You will get the chance to take the knowledge and skills you have learned in the classroom and use it in the community. With service incorporated directly into your classes, you will have the opportunity to work in local health clinics providing free care to those in need, to teach healthy habits to local children, and more. This unique opportunity will deepen your knowledge and allow you to make a difference in the lives of others.
Students are encouraged to get involved on campus. Various professional programs plan activities and events to keep students engaged. Campus Ministries is another excellent way of getting involved and meeting new friends. Activities such as picnic and play, weekly worship services, MAKE talent show, a Gala Dinner, and bowling nights are just a few of the events planned by this vibrant group of students. If you cannot participate as a leader, consider being a volunteer for the various organized events. In addition to on-campus activities, students can join local church-based ministries with one of the 60+ Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Orlando area. The Campus Ministries team and the Campus Chaplains are located in The Office of Mission, at the Andersen House. Students are invited to come and enjoy the Andersen House's back porch, which has a lake view or advantage of the study room. Stop by to relax, meet new friends, chat or pray with one of the Chaplains, or say hello and grab a yummy snack!
In addition to helping with the practical things in life—I.D. badges, locker rentals, parking permits—Student Services plans a variety of events for students to socialize and enjoy recreational activities. These include beach vespers, prayer groups, the Spring Picnic, and the International Food Festival.
Student Services also maintains a database of community service opportunities. Students can sign up to serve at specific events, or stop in any day of the week to find an organization that needs their talents.
Paying for college can seem scary, but it does not have to be. There are various scholarships, grants, and financial aid options available to make your dream of studying at Adventist University a reality. Here is some information to get you started, including a net price calculator that can give you a rough, comparable estimate of the cost to attend Adventist University.
We feel enriched by the diverse body of international students on campus. We are currently accepting applications from individuals requiring an F visa. If you are a Permanent Resident or Naturalized Citizen, you are welcome to apply at any time. If you're planning to enroll in one of our Online Learning programs, you must plan to stay in your country of residence to complete the online program. Here are some essential regulations you should know about enrolling as an international student.
Adventist University of Health Sciences' Honors College is designed to motivate students to get a head start on their future by guaranteeing them an interview with select graduate programs in their junior year. Florida Hospital is our classroom and a point of pride. ADU offers the tools for our students to become healthcare professionals and is the only Orlando campus integrated with a world-renowned hospital system. Come study at our faith-based institution with a focus on ministry-inspired healthcare and academic excellence.
Adventist University of Health Sciences, partnering with the Adventist Health System, has become an institution of excellence and innovation. Currently, the University is pioneering work on the delivery of mission through a variety of educational modalities. Our vision is for ADU graduates to extend the healing ministry of Christ.
The University continues to advance the work of that small church born in the middle of the nineteenth century by bringing transformation, innovation, and good news to the lives of its students and patients. Building on its rich educational heritage, Adventist University of Health Sciences continues to grow as an institution committed to developing skilled professionals who live the healing values of Christ.

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