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Belarusian State Academy of Arts


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With its strong focus on the international importance of art, science, and culture, the Belarusian State Academy of Arts (BSAA) continuously strives to establish and maintain broad, long-term cooperation with higher education institutions of arts Europe and worldwide.

The Academy is the only higher education institution of arts in the Republic of Belarus. Their five faculties feature a unique teaching staff that provides students with solid academic knowledge and skills and helps them develop their talents and get acquainted with new trends in the fields of art, science, and culture. Among them are Professor Vladimir Zinkevich (winner of prestigious competitions), the graphic artist Pavel Tatarnikau (double "Golden Apple" award winner at BIB – Illustration Biennale in Bratislava), the graphic artist Valery Slack (winner of international awards in the field of graphics), the famous film and theatre directors Vitautas Grigaliunas, Pavel Ivanov and Vladimir Zabello, the versatile designer Lev Tolbuzin, etc.

Undergraduate, master's degree and postgraduate students and the teaching staff of the Academy take part in scientific and creative competitions, develop and realize their ideas and concepts as well as create new projects. Mikhail Barazna, Rector of BSAA, assisted by Ekaterina Kenigsberg, Head of the International Relations Department, was the curator and head of the Pavilion of the Republic of Belarus at the 54th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia (Project «Kodex,» 2011). The artists Yury Alisevich, Dzianis Skvartsou, Viktar Piatrou, and Kanstantsin Kastsiuchenka, who participated in the Project, are all BSAA graduates. Mikhail Shikau, Professor of the Department of Interior and Equipment Design, was the architect of the pavilion.

Numerous graduates of the Academy are now outstanding artists who have got recognition both in Belarus and abroad. Yury Yakavenka and Anzhela Malysheva were awarded Grand Prix of the International Engraving Biennale "Jozep de Ribera" in Xàtiva, Spain. In different years our students Alesya Skorobogataya, Denis Chubukov, Olga Melnik, Boris Borozna, Sergey Torbik, and Ruslan Fedotov were among the participants and prize-winners in different international competitions.

A master's degree can be a viable option if you want to further your knowledge of a particular subject after completing an undergraduate degree or improve your career prospects.

A master's degree course is the second stage of higher education, aiming at:


  • In-depth professional training, the study of modern scientific achievements in the arts and trends in modern art.
  • Formation of knowledge and skills of research and educational activities that act as a foundation for undertaking a postgraduate (Ph.D.) program and enhance your employability.

Our Postgraduate programs are designed to develop outstanding scholars for careers in fine arts, screen arts, and design. To be admitted into a Ph. D. A program that corresponds to the Candidate of Science degree program in our country. Applicants should have their master's degree, an inclination for research work confirmed by scientific publications, participation in research projects, scientific conferences, seminars, etc.

Our students and lecturers benefit from Belarus's geographical position to experience and appreciate the most significant and exciting art exhibitions, theatre performances, and film premières.

As the development of a new creative personality is now unthinkable without the knowledge of cultural diversity, the Academy is hugely interested in organizing international internships and exchange programs for our young talented lecturers and professors, postgraduate, master's degree and undergraduate students at foreign universities as well as invites leading foreign professors to give lectures and masterclasses. Exhibitions of modern art of various countries are regularly held at the Art Gallery of BSAA, too.

Studying at BSAA does not imply only the diploma of the European standard. It is a privileged opportunity to be students of outstanding professors and talented lecturers, which helps develop unique creative personalities and an excellent start to a career!

Every year some international students are admitted to BSAA on a contract basis. This year you can see young people from China, Iran, Latvia, Lithuania, Syria, Turkmenistan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Denmark, the USA, Poland, Venezuela, and the Czech Republic among the student body of the Academy.

The main objectives of the Research Department are the improvement of the research process and scientific problems solution in the field of theatre, fine art, decorative and applied arts, film-making, and design, organization, and coordination of the postgraduate and doctorate courses work), development of inter-university and international cooperation in scientific sphere (holding conferences and seminars), scientific and methodological support academic activities. The Department seeks to raise research in the field of native professional art to a new level, contribute to the improvement of education in the sphere of culture and art, and strengthen ties among higher education, science, and industry. The Department also holds the BSAA scientific meetings where preliminary examinations of a thesis and its critical review, take place.

The Belarusian State Academy of Arts offers Belarusian and international establishments of education, science, culture and art cooperation in the following areas:


  • Living masterclasses in acting, direction, graphics, photographs, painting, sculpture, design, etc. by famous BSAA experts.
  • Giving introductory lectures, reports on Belarusian fine arts, modern Belarusian photography, sculpture, art in public space, current trends in the development of Belarusian art, etc.
  • holding art exhibitions and exhibition projects, e.g., "Space.by: Graphics" or "Space.by: Photography".
  • Other cooperation in a variety of areas within the framework of the Academy activity.


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