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Belarusian State Academy of Aviation


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BGAA is a division of the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus. At the Academy, at the Faculty of Civil Aviation and the Department of Secondary Special Education is preparing aviation specialists with secondary and higher education. Engineers on the organization of traffic on air transport, engineers and technicians on the technical operation of aircraft and engines, aircraft equipment successfully work not only in the aviation enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, but also abroad.
The Academy enrolled students from Russia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Yemen. Military Faculty BGAA trains technicians and engineers for the Air Force and air defense forces and other security agencies of the Republic of Belarus. The leading countries of the world, taking care of their intellectual potential, provide today, first of all, the development of education and training. Aviation has always been at the forefront of scientific and technological progress. Belarusian State Academy of Aviation - an educational institution that meets the modern requirements of training of highly qualified aviation professionals. Her address is widely known both in the country and abroad. The Academy has prepared thousands of specialists, which were essential to the life of modern society. Training and logistical base, teaching staff, the updated content of education, the introduction of modern information technology, learning English effectively contribute to skills development, and the formation of a future specialist's personality. Our graduates can ensure the reliable operation of air transport. Thanks to the constant support provided by the Department of Aviation Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus, the Academy has the capabilities to fulfill its tasks adequately. Belarusian State Academy of Aviation is an institution of Education of Belarus, which provides a secondary special education, integrated with higher education, and in certain specialties - tertiary education first stage, training and re-training of aviation personnel in continuing education on a reimbursable basis, creates the necessary conditions for the creative, intellectual, physical and moral development of the individual.
Civil aviation Department (CAD) is one of the most significant structural divisions of the Academy, established in 2007.  Skilled professionals provide the educational process with many years of research and teaching experience. The faculty is characterized by high-training specialists in the aviation field, the motivation to develop and improve teaching skills continually, a creative approach to classroom education and practical оn the job training of aviation specialists.
CAD holds a leading position in the field of training of aviation specialists for the state enterprise "Belaeronavigatsiya," the Ministry of transport and communications of the Republic of Belarus, Aviation Department of the Republic of Belarus, air force and air defense forces of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus, the Aviation of the State border Committee of the Republic of Belarus, the Aviation of EMERCOM of the Republic of Belarus. Graduates of the CAD have distribution in airlines: the national airline "Belavia," RUE "Minsk national airport," JSC "Grodno Airline," JSC "Transaviaexport Airlines," LLC "Genex," UE "Rubistar" and the enterprise: state enterprise "Minsk aircraft repair plant," JSC "Orsha aircraft repair plant," as well as in-demand airlines in the States and abroad.
High quality of education contributes to the expansion of international contacts. The faculty is trained and protects the final qualifying works of students from CIS countries and foreign countries (Venezuela, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, etc.). CAD actively cooperates with the enterprises of civil aviation of the Republic of Belarus. There are branches of departments at Minsk aircraft repair factory, in the "Belavia airline," "Transaviaexport." CAD liaises with the aviation faculty of the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus, BSTU, Belarusian State University, Belarusian state pedagogical University, and other higher education institutions and research institutes of the Republic of Belarus.
The Department of civil aviation is aimed not only for professional training but also for their academic growth. Teachers and students actively participate in scientific research work, reflected in numerous publications in scientific journals and collections. Cadets, taking part in Republican contests of research work of students of higher educational institutions, win prizes and are winners of various competitions. The Departments of CA have a large amount of inventive work; in recent years, the staff has received more than 35 patents for the Republic of Belarus's invention. In the framework of international scientific cooperation, the Department of CA maintains links with academic institutions: the European Agency for aviation safety EASA, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) (Canada, Montreal), and Universities from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, etc.
CAD has significant progress in the organization of leisure, sporting activities, the social life of students. Special attention is paid to the faculty's educational work and is actively working student self-government bodies – initiators of first actions and events.
Since its formation, the faculty has prepared more than first-class aviation specialists for the sphere of civil aviation. Many of them work in responsible leadership positions at the regional level, including the state enterprise "Belaeronavigatsya," the Ministry of transport and communications of the Republic of Belarus, Aviation Department, the "Belavia" airline, RUE "Minsk national airport," JSC "Transaviaexport Airlines," etc.

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