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Belarusian State Technological University


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Belarusian State Technological University is one of the leading educational and scientific centers of the Republic of Belarus. The University's activities cover a broad scope ranging from training highly competitive specialists to research and development and innovative activities.
Today the University is recognized in the Republic of Belarus as a leading higher educational institution in forestry, chemical, and printing industries. Belarusian State Technological University was granted the status of a fundamental higher educational institution of the CIS in the fields of forestry and forest industry. Later it became a full member of the International Centre for Forestry and Forest Industry (ICFFI). The University researchers contribute to over 230 projects within 35 national and international scientific and technical programs. The University collaborates with more than 400 national enterprises and business within commercial contracts of applied character.
The world markets of hi-tech and R&D products can only be won with state-of-the-art equipment. The University departments and the Centre for Chemical and Physical Investigation Methods are equipped with unique up-to-date research and laboratory facilities enabling high-quality research and assisting in the educational process.
The University is committed to providing quality programs benchmarked to high international standards in an intellectually rich and diverse learning environment. At the heart of our approach is a strong supportive partnership between staff and students. Our students demand a lot of us and we of them – we aim to transform dreams and ambitions into global opportunities for success. Engineering challenges lie at the heart of many of the most significant problems facing society in the 21st century, from responding to climate change, developing sustainable energy sources, and making efficient use of scarce natural resources.
BSTU is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Belarus for young people with international interests. For international students, BSTU is more: a modern, welcoming, and intellectually stimulating place to study in Belarus's most magnificent city.
BSTU's diverse student body of 13 000 is drawn from Belarusian students' top ranks and partner universities around the world. In the last years the University has formed n, numerous new partnerships with leading institutions around the world. The University is also committed to fostering an ever-evolving student body, curriculum, and campus life that continues to reflect its most prestigious and most advanced place for understanding international affairs.
Currently, the University offers 32 graduate programs at seven main faculties. The broad scope of domains of training of highly-qualified specialists includes forestry, geoinformation systems, landscape architecture, tourism, woodworking technology, furniture design, chemistry and technology, petrochemical synthesis, polymer materials technology, biotechnology, bio ecology, the technology of medicinal drugs, printing and publishing, ecology, real estate, energy conservation and energy management, environmental protection, economics and engineering, marketing, management, information technologies, security software development, design of electronic and web-publications.
The BSTU graduates work successfully at many enterprises and companies of the Republic of Belarus, CIS and foreign countries. The University admits foreign citizens, having the background education corresponding to the level of general secondary education in Belarus. Besides, BSTU admits individuals having a Bachelor's degree to Master Courses. Those foreign citizens who have got a higher education on the level of Master of Sciences and experience of work in their specialty are admitted as Post-graduate-students. International students having a higher education on the level of Master of Sciences and having a command of the language of instruction can be assigned to BSTU as applicants for the scientific Doctoral studies (Ph.D.), and those who have a Ph.D. degree may pursue a Doctor of Science degree (D.Sc.) in order to prepare a thesis under the guidance of a scientific supervisor.
Training specialists with higher education is conducted at eight faculties: forestry, forestry and wood technology, the technology of organic substances, chemical technology, and engineering, industrial engineering, print technology and media communications, information technology, and the faculty of distant learning for forestry, logging, woodworking, pulp and paper-processing, electronic, microbiological, chemical, timber-chemical, machine building, petrochemical, printing industries, building materials industry, medicine, ecological tourism and natural resources, centers of standardization and certification, publishing organizations, environmental, landscape, and other sectors of the economy of the Republic of Belarus. The educational process is carried out by 600 teachers at 52 departments, including 55 Doctors of Sciences, 388 PhDs, 45 professors, and 245 associate professors.
To develop practical-oriented training at BSTU there are 17 branches of the departments at the leading enterprises of the national economy: JSC "Keramin", PA "Minsk tractor plant", JSC "Belshina", JSC "Belarusian cement plant", RUE "Newspaper printing plant", JSC "Minsk plant of building materials", JSC "Gomelsteklo", JSC "Svetlogorsk pulp & board plant", JSC "Borisov plastic products plant ", RUE "Belmedcine", State institution for forest protection and monitoring "Bellesozaschita", State forestry" Stolbtsy experimental forestry, "JSC 'Rechitsadrev,' JSC 'FanDOK,' JSC' Printing plant after Y. Kolas', JSC' Red star' as well as 34 educational-scientific-production centers.
International cooperation is among the top priorities of the University's activities with old and well-established international networking traditions. Dynamic international cooperation is a prerequisite for ensuring the sustainability and quality of teaching and research at the University.
Belarusian State Technological University is an active international university engaged in collaborative projects and partnerships all over the world focusing on the following cooperation strategies: inter-university cooperation agreements visit-lecturing traineeship and internship exchanges of academic staff, Ph.D. and Master's degree students joint research projects joint contributions to reputable science and research journals student exchange study programs for international students taught in English and Russian international conferences and other professional and scientific events joint double-degree programs participation in international and EU programs.

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