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Australian Learning Training & Education Center (ALTEC)


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ALTEC College is one of the leading training organizations in Melbourne, Australia, delivering a range of skill courses to domestic and international students. Operating since 2008, ALTEC has achieved a marked distinction within the vocational education sector as a quality training provider through its innovative academic programs, positive learning environment, modern campuses, student focus, and principles of excellence in all areas of its operations. Current campus locations include Melbourne (Head Office), North Melbourne, and Hobart (Tasmania). ALTEC College offers a range of industry-oriented courses in business, management, marketing, accounting, information technology, and hospitality, with higher education pathway options.

ALTEC College's mission of providing quality education and training to all its students and its commitment to continuous improvement places it distinctively within the Vocational Education and Training sector (VET) with forward-looking strategy, robust governance structure, academic oversight, higher education pathways, and industry engagement.

ALTEC's values and quality processes are further enhanced by its bench-marking of education and training best practices and an inclusive culture informed by student, staff, and industry feedback. ALTEC is managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced executives and program managers with years of professional experience in their respective fields. The top management team consists of senior managers who are highly qualified and boast a strong and distinguished academic background in education and training.

ALTEC College is committed to providing quality training and education services to its clients through innovative programs, industry engagement, and strategic alliances. Our courses, facilities, and services are all designed to create a lively, stimulating, and vibrant learning environment. ALTEC College supports learning pathways and offers candidates opportunities to have their formal and informal learning recognized through RPL and Credit Transfer. These partnerships enable us to enhance our academic standing and create more vocational to higher education pathways.

ALTEC College is defined by its diverse student community, vibrant culture, and sense of belonging. Our students, staff, partners, clients, and the local community are the parts that make us whole. We strive for academic excellence, and this is achieved through our philosophy of continuous improvement informed by our stakeholders' feedback and experiences.

We are embarking on a new chapter after celebrating a decade of success in delivering high-quality training and achieving academic excellence. We are proud to report that ALTEC College continues to grow in all facets of its operations. 2018 is promising to be an exciting year with a brand-new campus in Hobart, Tasmania. Our Hospitality and Commercial Cookery students now have access to a dedicated kitchen campus in North Melbourne to gain valuable hands-on experience. We have made strategic alliances with Higher Education providers to offer you pathways to help you with your educational journey.

We are also proud to announce that ALTEC College is now a certified CISCO Networking Academy. Our Diploma of IT Networking students will also earn a Certificate of Completion from CISCO Networking Academy for CCNA modules on completion. Students will further have the opportunity to gain professional certifications, recognized by employers worldwide, study the latest networking, security, and cloud technologies and enhance skills through practice and application of learning in a lab environment. It will open Career Pathways for you by connecting you to a global community of employers and alumni to find a job.

ALTEC College is committed to providing quality training and educational programs to its diverse international clients through academic excellence, client focus, industry engagement, strategic alliances, and academic pathways. To establish ourselves as a specific vocational training and education provider in Australia within the next five years by:

  • Developing innovative and industry-relevant courses and academic pathways.
  • Building strategic partnerships with leading universities in Australia and overseas.
  • Creating a regional identity of ALTEC College as one of the leading education providers in South East Asia.
  • Developing corporate relationships in core business areas and engaging with the industry
  • Developing in-house marketing capabilities and establishing marketing offices in Europe, South America, and the Subcontinent.

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