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At MedTech, our philosophy of higher education is driven by a three-fold strategy serving one central mission of placing students in the center of all learning and teaching activities.

The first element of MedTech policy is to provide students with a personal exploratory learning environment. Our course offerings and training are driven by a student-centered learning environment where students can contribute to the content of teaching, the learning process, and learning objectives themselves. A vital element of the MedTech curriculum is the focus on problem-based and project-based learning. All students are trained in taking responsibility for their learning, and the teachers, supervisors, and the educational environment are all resources in this process.

The second element is to foster the knowledge triangle between education, innovation, and research by encouraging faculty and students at all levels to be creative, independent thinkers, and engage together in innovative projects and activities in and out of the classroom. As a whole, MedTech is committed to providing a technical and social setting that can help improve the contribution of research and innovation to the resolution of critical societal challenges.

The third element of the MedTech strategy is to maintain strong national and international collaboration with industrial and academic stakeholders. The close relationship to industry is an essential profile of MedTech. Our students are offered an academic environment in which theoretical knowledge is essential – and at the same time, an environment in which they grow as professional practitioners. We believe that this exchange of experience provides our students with better employment possibilities and an excellent opportunity for creating new business startups.

The rapid pace of innovation that our society is experiencing today in information and communication technology, manufacturing, and material science opens great opportunities while raising fresh challenges and resulting in unprecedented levels of complexity.

Training engineers to be competent in this increasingly complex and innovation-driven environment requires multi-disciplinary and innovative approaches to higher education that focus on developing the creative problem solving and entrepreneurial skills of students without neglecting rigorous training in the basic sciences and engineering best practices.

MedTech was officially launched on June 13, 2014. It welcomed its first cohort of freshmen undergraduate engineering students in September 2014. It organized its first successful Continuing education seminar in November 2014 on Big Data.

Our vision is to be a regional hub of excellence in engineering education, innovation, and technology entrepreneurship in Africa and the Mediterranean.

Our mission is "To train highly qualified engineers capable of contributing and leading innovative ventures in today's globalized world."

Our strategy to fulfill our mission and realize our long-term vision is based on seven pillars (the seven Ps):

  • Professors: Outstanding faculty holding PhDs from world-renowned universities. Programs and curricula aligned with the best engineering schools in the world and taught in English to facilitate access to research and scientific literature to facilitate a global career.
  • Pedagogy: Cutting edge teaching methods combining theoretical rigor with project-based learning. Each year, our programs include a creative design course integrating skills and knowledge taught in various courses during that year into a challenging project with a real-world client.
  • Physical facilities: State-of-the-art infrastructure, labs, and facilities. Partnerships: A rich set of local and international partnerships, spanning universities, industrial companies, technology leaders, and standards organizations. Synergies with MSB are leveraged to provide our student engineers with excellent business and tech venture management and entrepreneurship training. Engagement with the community and the broader regional environment is fostered through our outreach and professional education programs.
  • Participants: Outstanding students with the drive and ambition to become leaders and technology entrepreneurs who actively contribute to a diverse, multicultural, and supportive campus environment conducive to academic learning and personal growth.Processes: Governance and internal processes (recruitment, curriculum review, and mapping, course and teacher evaluation, etc.) that target accreditation from the leading higher education quality assurance agencies and ensure we stay at the forefront of quality in engineering education.

At MedTech, we share a standard set of values that guide us in making our campus a pleasant, inspiring, and supportive learning environment.

We treat each other with dignity and respect, regardless of sex, age, or origin. We value diversity within our faculty, staff, and student bodies. We respect differences in culture, opinion, and creed and promote cultural exchanges, dialogue, and tolerance.

We conduct our work with integrity and honor. We are deeply committed to honesty and transparency in all our processes. Management is committed to the appropriate application of policies and procedures without prejudice or discrimination.

We value and reward individual performance and are committed to our faculty, staff, and students' personal growth. We cultivate a spirit of teamwork and respect the privacy of all members of our community. We handle private records with the necessary care and confidentiality.

We work to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. Moreover, we are committed to making our institution socially responsible and actively contributing to the welfare and prosperity of our community, country, and region.

We work to access our institution within reach of the widest possible audience, basing our admission criteria solely on academic merit and potential.

Our vision is to be a regional hub of excellence in engineering education, innovation, and technology entrepreneurship in Africa and the Mediterranean.

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