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Higher Institute of Pacos de Brand


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The Higher Institute of Paços de Brandão (ISPAB) is a private higher educational institution legally recognized by the Ministry of Education through the Ordinance No. 1119/91 of 29 October, nº1236 / 93 of December 2, and No. 457-A / 98 of 29 July. Established by the Association for Education and Development of Brandão Hall (FEDESPAB) nonprofit, the ISPAB develops its educational activities and scientific knowledge in the fields of management sciences and management, communication and engineering, and technology. Founded in 1990, the ISPAB is a value-recognized institution, an important agent of progress in the region where it is located, the local authority, and the community it belongs to.

Assuming as a dynamic and versatile educational establishment that focuses on rigor and teaching quality in specific and key areas for the development of the region in which it operates, offering a variety of training prospects through various initial training courses and of taught postgraduate courses, the ISPAB favors a versatile and multifaceted training resulting from the consecration of multidisciplinary curricula and the adoption of theoretical and practical teaching model, able to equip graduates for multiple skills, enabling them to respond to an extensive range of career opportunities. All courses taught in ISPAB are especially geared to the labor market and lead to the formation of multi-purpose and specialized technicians. The ISPAB granting primacy to "learn to know," the "know-how" and "how to be" a perspective of respect, promotion, and development of the human person. Providing a space for learning, the ISPAB is much more than just a school. It is a community dynamic organism that is integrated and the region to which it belongs. It is a privileged partner of companies and other organizations with which it cooperates in several projects. It is also a place able to provide new and enriching experiences, offering a convivial atmosphere and joy. It is finally an institution promoting the spirit of citizenship and the development of the personality.

Constitute statutory objectives of ISPAB:

  • Promote and develop education, research, and culture
  • Deliver higher education and granting academic titles and degrees on terms that are or will be authorized by the Ministry of Education
  • Provide training courses, specialization and improvement, although not confer an academic degree
  • Organize conferences, seminars, and other scientific and pedagogical activities
  • Organize and develop community service providing activities within the given scientific fields and a mutual appreciation perspective
  • Promoting training
  • Organize or cooperate in educational outreach activities, cultural and technical
  • Promote and foster contacts to educational, technical, scientific, and cultural cooperation with national and international institutions
  • Promote actions to develop scientific research within their areas of training and other deemed of interest
  • Collaborate with public or private entities, particularly in the context of regional development.

The ISPAB has a rational and flexible organizational structure to enable the adjustments counted advisable to normal and more effective functioning of the institution. The ISPAB respects the principle of independence of the organs of scientific or educational nature and the bodies of an administrative or financial nature and ensures the participation of teachers, students, technical staff, research, administrative and assist in its management. The founding body of ISPAB is the Education Association and Development Paços de Brandão - FEDESPAB, legal person governed by a private non-profit organization that takes responsibility for the administrative, economic and financial management of ISPAB and ensures support for the feasibility of projects, programs, and activities that improve the functioning of ISPAB and effective realization of the objectives for its creation.

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