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International School of Bergamo


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The International School of Bergamo was opened with a vision of providing international education in the Bergamo area. The development of this new venture was shared with educationalists and others experts from the International School of Milan. Committed to delivering high-quality educational programs, ISB strives to develop the intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. At present, ISBergamo caters to children born in 2005 or after. Every year, the school opens subsequent classes, to provide a full international curriculum up to Grade 13. Our mission:

  • To experience international education in English, from the first years of school, learning alongside classmates from all over the world.
  • To become part of an open, multicultural, stimulating, and active community ready to succeed in an increasingly complex world.
  • To access the highest standards in learning guaranteed by programs that are well established and that have a track record of excellent results.

The International School of Bergamo is located in a modern building in the Eastern part of Bergamo, in a green and quiet environment. The area is rich in sporting facilities, including a modern football pitch located just next to the school as well as rugby fields and an athletics track at the end of the road. The sports program of the school can highly benefit from these facilities.

All of our teachers are carefully selected from highly qualified candidates, many of whom have come to us from the international school circuit where they have lived and worked in a variety of foreign cultures. Some have stayed with us since the beginning, giving us overall stability, whereas our new teachers share their recent studies and experiences. Teachers work together on lesson planning to ensure that curriculum objectives are met taking into account the needs of each student to construct a long-term educational path.

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