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Emmanuel College, Georgia


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Emmanuel College is a Christ-centered liberal arts institution that strives to prepare students to become Christlike disciples who integrate faith, learning, and living for meaningful careers, scholarships, and services.
Emmanuel College is committed to providing equal education and employment opportunity to all qualified persons regardless of their economic or social status. It does not discriminate in any of its policies, programs, or activities based on gender, age, race, handicap, marital or parental status, color, or national or ethnic origin. Over 19% of Emmanuel College's students are an ethnic minority.
The Shaw-Leslie Library provides information services to students, faculty, and staff of Emmanuel College and the community. It has more than 95,000 volumes, including books, music scores, CDs, DVDs, electronic books, monographs, and other multimedia materials. Periodical resources include current paper journal subscriptions, newspapers, microfiche, indexing, and full-text access in Galileo's databases. Library services include computer labs, circulation, reference, library orientation, and interlibrary loan.
Through numerous organizations, our students serve by visiting hospitals, homeless shelters, and prisons. They tutor children, do street ministry, assist pastors, go on summer missions trips, and more.
Over 25 organizations provide opportunities for leadership, spiritual growth, and fun. Intercollegiate teams include basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, volleyball, cross-country, softball, baseball, and more. They varied Intramural teams: chapel, concerts, special events, community ministries, summer mission trips. Approximately one-third of our students serve in leadership positions.
Our new 76,000-square-foot Shaw Athletic Center houses a basketball arena, volleyball, and intramural courts, a fully-equipped fitness center, a spin room, an indoor track, a swimming pool, a bowling alley, and a food court. Because proper exercise is a vital component of a balanced life, the entire student body can access these state-of-the-art exercise and fitness facilities.
Emmanuel College is dedicated to intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth within the context of a liberal arts education and an environment of Christian concern. We believe God is the personal Creator and Ruler of all time, space, and matter, and a proper understanding of all things must involve knowledge of His revealed purposes. We further believe the fullest information about God comes from the person of Jesus Christ and the relation of His redemptive works as recorded in the Holy Bible through the Holy Spirit's inspiration. All creation derives value and significance from God revealed in Jesus Christ. Christians can live as redeemed, regenerated, and cleansed members of society through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
We believe education based on these principles is the best possible method of preparing students for and involving them in lasting service to God and others – service noted for integrity, intelligence, and devotion. We further believe a college experience in a Christian environment will enable students to develop lifelong spiritual and social values. We believe all truth is God's truth, and opportunities should be provided to students to integrate faith and learning and synthesize their understanding of God's purpose in Christ with one's view of the worth of persons and worth of the scientific method in improving life.
The Accounting Services Department exists to maintain the College's financial records efficiently and effectively, by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and produce reports that meet the informational and decision-making needs of both internal and external constituencies. We strive to assist students, employees, and other customers with their financial matters in a prompt, courteous and professional manner while safeguarding the College's assets by operating within a robust system of internal control by Government Auditing Standards.
Knowledge is the aim of any quality liberal arts education, but the best liberal arts education goes even further. At Emmanuel College, you will be enriched by a rigorous academic experience, and you will be inspired by so much more. Our institutional desire is to provide our students with a high-quality education taught in a caring Christian environment. Here, you will live and study with other Christian students, who will lift and embolden you every day. You will work beside faithful, caring professors who will challenge you and bring out your very best. Moreover, you will have access to every possible opportunity, enabling you to grow in ways you never thought possible.
Emmanuel College first opened on January 1, 1919, under the name of Franklin Springs Institute. The school's founder was the Reverend George Floyd Taylor, a North Carolinian who had long desired to begin such an institution. For over a century, the campus had been used as a health resort centered around several mineral springs. G. F. Taylor was president from 1919-1926 and again from 1929-1931. During 1926-1929, two men served briefly as president, first, Reverend A. M. Taylor and then Reverend B. A. Jones. Because of the Great Depression, the school closed temporarily in 1931.
At the foundation of the many changes and progress over the years remains the paramount emphasis on Christ-centered values. The lives of EC alumni speak of the quality of the academic opportunities they have received. Through its Christian higher education program, Emmanuel College has provided students with educational and spiritual values that will enrich their lives and lead them to enrich the lives of others.

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