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Eastern Virginia Medical School


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At EVMS, we are dedicated to serving the community that created us. We educate the next generation of exceptional medical and healthcare professionals. We provide outstanding patient care for the residents of our region. We conduct research to improve healthcare outcomes for our local community and communities the world over. Our graduates, investigators, and physicians are expanding our global influence. Learn how our impact benefits Hampton Roads.
Eastern Virginia Medical School is one of the only medical schools founded by the community, for the community. We are focused not only on preparing the next generation of healthcare providers but also on translating discovery into better health care for the people of Hampton Roads. Our vision is to become the most community-oriented school of medicine and health professions in the United States. While the benefits of discoveries at Eastern Virginia Medical School are felt globally, our research, education, and patient care efforts grow from the needs of the people in our southeastern Virginia community: Eastern Virginia Medical School faculty provides medical education and leadership for the next generation of top physicians, health professionals and researchers.
Eastern Virginia Medical School Medical Group physicians care for more than 1,000 patients daily. Eastern Virginia Medical School research endeavors focus on the region's most pressing health issues. Eastern Virginia Medical School drives an annual $824 million in local economic activity.
Eastern Virginia Medical School is an academic health center dedicated to achieving excellence in medical and health professions education, research, and patient care. We value creating and fostering a diverse and cohesive faculty, professional staff, and student body as the surest way to achieve our mission. Adhering to the highest ethical standards, we will strive to improve our community's health and be recognized as a national center of intellectual and clinical strength in medicine and Health Professions. Our commitment to ensuring institutional effectiveness is demonstrated by the continuous assessment processes we use to improve program performance and student learning outcomes. Eastern Virginia Medical School will be recognized as the most community-oriented school of medicine and health professions in the United States.
The research we do today impacts our community tomorrow. Our investigators – leaders in state-of-the-art scientific exploration – excel in the fields of diabetes and endocrinology, reproductive medicine, healthcare analytics, and oncology. We specialize in translational research, taking results from the laboratory bench to the patient bedside—partner with us as we search for answers to the healthcare issues facing our community and the world.
We are teaching tomorrow's medical and health professionals to become leaders through cutting-edge, community-oriented education.EVMS provides students, residents, and fellows with a unique educational experience. Early clinical exposure in high-tech environments and instruction from expert faculty empower our students to become effective and compassionate health professionals, physicians, and scientists.
As a school built by the community's community, we honor our heritage through service-learning and volunteer opportunities. Be part of a community that celebrates compassion in care.
For more than 15 years, EVMS experts have been building professional development, certificate, and graduate degree programs to satisfy medical and health professionals' diverse academic needs.Our growing collection of online programs lets students all over the world pursue and fulfill their academic dreams.
Online programs help you meet the demands of your busy schedule. Renowned faculty and industry leaders feature the latest materials available in their instruction. Responsive technology allows you to connect easily from anywhere, on any device.
EVMS Medical Group continues its journey and evolution as a high-quality medical home for the patients we serve. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest and safest therapies, treatments, and technology. Our practices use an electronic health record (EHR) to serve patients faster and better. The EHR replaces the paper medical chart with secure computerized records. Through this certified EHR and reporting software, we continue to migrate to more clinically integrated care.
EVMS Medical Group has begun to focus on training the current workforce in the skills required to transform our healthcare delivery system. In our clinical practices, the nurses and medical assistants are being trained in higher-level team functions, such as population health, tracking hospital discharges, medication reconciliation, patient self-management, and smoking status and counseling. Our licensed nurses are training for proactive services, including the Medicare Wellness Visit for Medicare Beneficiaries. This visit provides a snapshot of a patient's current health, as a baseline for future yearly visits and is intended as a preventive service, a way of catching potentially serious health issues early.
We continue to develop and refine clinical protocols to provide more cost-effective quality care. Our goal is to focus on areas of health care that need improvement. Through these tools, we identify, collect, and communicate data on quality and look at the most effective strategies for continuously improving the quality of care we provide to our patients.
For more than four decades, EVMS has been the place for aspiring physicians and health professionals, passionate educators, and medical pioneers. In the 1960s, civic leaders in Hampton Roads sought to improve care in the region and created a bold dream to build a medical school. Thanks to determination and community commitment, EVMS opened its doors in 1973, forever transforming the healthcare landscape in Hampton Roads.
Today, EVMS holds a privileged position in American history as one of the only schools of medicine and health professions in the nation founded by a grassroots effort. The institution's steady growth from just 23 medical students to an organization with a more than $1.2 billion annual economic impact is an inspiring testament to what vision, community commitment, and innovation can accomplish.

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