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QIMR Berghofer Medical Research institute


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QIMR Berghofer is one of Australia’s most successful medical research institutes. The Institute was established 70 years ago by the Queensland Government and had a rich history of scientific discoveries and translational medical research.

QIMR Berghofer is focused on improving health by developing new diagnostics, better treatments, and prevention strategies, specifically in the areas of cancer, infectious diseases, mental health, and complex disorders. Working in close collaboration with clinicians and other research institutes, QIMR Berghofer is home to more than 600 scientists, students, and support staff. The Institute has an active program for the patenting and commercializing technologies, including those developed in conjunction with academic or commercial collaborators.

QIMR Berghofer also has facilities for the GMP manufacture of cell-based and molecular therapies, namely Q-Gen Cell Therapeutics. Co-located within the Institute is a commercial Phase I/II clinical trials facility, Q-Pharm Pty Ltd, allowing QIMR Berghofer scientists and external clients the extended and unique capability to take research findings from the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside.

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute aims to improve health by developing prevention strategies, new diagnostics, and better health treatments. Our mission or vision is to Better health through medical research. And To be a world-renowned medical research institution that translates discoveries into clinical practice.

QIMR Berghofer’s research focuses on improving the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a range of diseases and conditions relevant to Queenslanders, which will help address pressures facing the public health care sector by lessening disease rates, improving quality of life and health care practices.

QIMR Berghofer is a translational research facility where research develops from the laboratory bench to the patient’s bedside. In developing our research, we promote and develop industry linkages, which is in keeping with our understanding that ‘bench to bedside’ incorporates a business phase. The Institute’s research supports different Queensland scientific and medical sectors by researching and creating new and improved treatments and screening programs for various diseases and disorders.

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