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Columbia College, South Carolina


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Columbia College prepares students personally and professionally for success through strong liberal arts and professional programs emphasizing service, social justice, and leadership development.
We have a rich, 160-year tradition of empowering students at our women's College. Today, we offer a personalized, liberal arts education for undergraduate women and flexible, specialized programs for co-ed undergraduate and graduate students. At Columbia College, your growth is our priority. Our professors will push you and encourage you. Moreover, you'll have a network of friends, mentors, and alumnae who value your opinion and want the best for you. The breadth of your experiences will set you up for success when you graduate.
We also offer co-ed graduate programs and courses for adults pursuing their undergraduate degrees. Our programs are flexible, and many are offered online so you can advance your career or pursue your passions while working, caring for family, or tackling other priorities.
We're a close-knit community where making friends is easy. Here you will experience the diversity that represents our entire student body, and you'll find people who value your opinion and want the best for you. Over 400 women have volunteered to mentor students, and they explore professional opportunities. Our alumni are committed to the success of the College and its students. You'll leave campus with a network of people excited to help you at every turn.
We encourage you to learn from one another. Here you'll get to know individuals with different backgrounds and perspectives. Moreover, the learning never stops when you live on campus. Once your classes end, you'll have a comfortable space to host study sessions, hang with friends, and ultimately call home.
Experience the energy of a state capital and college town with 60,000+ students across the city – that means activities, games, shopping, and entertainment catered to you. You are also just minutes from opportunities to explore the outdoors at our nearby lakes, rivers, and parks.
We have more than 160 years of tradition and an active alumnae network. Students and alumnae come together for traditions throughout the year.
Learn, lead, and make an impact alongside your friends and classmates. With over 50 student organizations on campus, there's a group for everyone. Join a musical group and the student government or try one of our political, spiritual, or cultural groups.
If you accept private scholarships or grants, you need to send copies of the scholarship notification to the Office of Financial Aid to add those awards to the aid award letter.
Student-athletes may receive athletic scholarships in addition to any state or externally funded scholarship programs. If you seek federal, state, or institutional financial aid in scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
Uniquely designed for students whose personal determination and engagement complement their academic accomplishments, the Momentum Scholarship is intended to reward ambition and honest commitment to make a difference in the world. The Momentum Scholarship may cover partial or full tuition, and recipients will be assigned a personal leadership coach, paid summer internship opportunities, and access to live on the Academic Achievement floor of McNair Hall.
Get personalized attention as you study what inspires you at Columbia College. Whether you're just starting as an undergrad, coming back to College to finish your degree, or advancing your career with a graduate degree, our instructors are invested in your growth and your future.
You will have the resources to be successful while you are here and after you graduate. As an undergraduate student, you will have a faculty advisor, a community mentor, and a career coach encouraging you the moment you set foot on campus. Moreover, our online and graduate students can take advantage of Student Success Coaches who help navigate financial aid, credit transfers, and professional development.
We have been educating confident, successful teachers for over a century. Shape and inspire students' lives at any learning level in one of our numerous undergraduates and graduate teaching and coaching programs. We will equip you for success with real classroom experience and access to fellowship opportunities.
We have undergraduate and graduate programs that work together seamlessly, like our 4+1 BA and MBA program. You will also find opportunities beyond the classroom to shape your future in business. The McNair Center for Entrepreneurism provides mentoring support, skills development, and seed funding for entrepreneurs' next generation.
Columbia College was founded in 1854 as Columbia Female College by the Methodist Conference of South Columbia. The College, located on Plain Street, now Hampton, in Columbia, SC, opened to students in October 1859. In 1865 during the height of the Civil War, the College closed as General Sherman's troops approached Columbia but reopened in 1873. In 1904, the College dropped "Female" from its name and moved to Eau Claire after benefactors Frederick H. Hyatt and Col. John T. Sloan donated land.
In 1964, the campus survived a fire that destroyed the Old Main classroom building and the East Wing Dormitory. What remained of the columns became a symbol for the College and has since been incorporated into the logo. Columbia College serves as an institution for higher education with approximately 1,200 male and female students in both undergraduate and graduate courses.

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