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Columbia College, Missouri


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Founded in 1851, Columbia College has helped students advance their lives through higher education for more than 160 years. As a private, nonprofit, coeducational liberal arts and sciences college, the College takes pride in its small classes, experienced faculty, and quality educational programs.
Originally founded as Christian Female College, the College was the first women's college west of the Mississippi River to be chartered by a state legislature. The College changed its name to Columbia College in 1970 when it transitioned from a two-year women's College to a four-year coeducational college. Though Columbia College has retained a covenant with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) since its inception, the College is a nonsectarian school welcoming students of all religious denominations.
Through its network of campuses in 35 nationwide locations, the Day Campus and Evening Campus in Columbia, Mo., and the Online Campus, the College serves more than 29,000 students annually. Besides offering associate and bachelor's degrees, the College also offers master's degrees at the main campus, selected extended campuses, and online.
Columbia College is part of the NAIA Division I competitive sports. In 2017, men's lacrosse and women's bowling will be added to the current 15 competitive sports: men and women's basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, track and field, and women's softball, women's volleyball, men's baseball.
Columbia College improves lives by providing quality education to traditional and nontraditional students, helping them achieve their true potential.
Our vision is to be a highly innovative higher education institution dedicated to excellence in its traditional and nontraditional programs nationwide.
We believe all students deserve access to affordable, quality education. We believe that higher learning should be individualized, innovative, and flexible. We believe a liberal arts core curriculum produces globally engaged citizens who are creative, curious, and ethical. We believe people of all beliefs and backgrounds should engage in civil discourse and discovery.
Columbia College is committed to ensuring that every student, faculty, and staff member feels safe and valued at Columbia College. We will maintain a safe place for open discourse support activities that promote diversity and inclusion and foster a sense of community that welcomes all.
Our mission is to promote and foster a College community that understands, respects, and values diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Most students would be surprised by the number of scholarships for which they qualify. Unlike student loans, these gifts that don't need to be paid back. They can help you save money and reduce the amount of financial aid you may need. It never hurts to apply. Eligibility is based on merit, need, and unique characteristics, such as ethnicity or academic interest. Columbia College itself offers several scholarships. Below are some tips to help you make the most of your scholarship opportunities.
PLUS loans are federal loans that graduate students or parents of dependent undergraduate students may borrow to cover educational expenses. The borrower must not have an adverse credit history. It is also recommended that other sources of financial aid are utilized before applying for a PLUS loan, as they have higher interest rates than Federal Direct Loans.
At Columbia College, we pride ourselves on being a transfer-friendly institution. Around half of our students find their home here after starting their education at another institution.
When you are looking to study abroad, look no further than Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri. We have great degree programs, small class sizes, English courses to help your language skills, and many clubs and campus activities. Columbia College celebrates the diverse cultures that come together in search of quality education.
Making the successful transition from College to the workplace can be challenging, but the Grossnickle Career Services Center provides support. Career Services helps students identify appropriate career paths and well-matched opportunities.
Columbia College (the "College") values feedback from its students and believes students should discuss problems and express concerns to the College and free from duress or retaliation. The College is committed to providing students with an avenue to express concerns and work with College officials toward amicable resolutions. The College believes engaging in this process can also be an inherently valuable educational experience for students and can help prepare students to address issues professionally and productively after leaving the College.
Christian Female College received a charter from Missouri Legislature. A typical day for the students started at 6 a.m. with a morning walk before gathering for the chapel. Students attended classes until late afternoon then wrote a daily composition. After they studied and completed chores, the students attended a Bible lecture every evening. They studied arithmetic, ancient history, grammar, ancient geography, philosophy, five books of Moses, and composition. What we do today matters every day going forward. That is why we have a thriving Columbia College Sustainability Committee (CCSC) that considers all the ways to impact our campus and our community today and tomorrow positively.

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