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Zhytomyr State Technological University


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ZSTU is one of the main centers of mining education and science of Ukraine. It is connected first of all with the great mineral wealth of Zhytomyr and outstanding personalities who had a significant influence on the development of mining.

From the start there were two departments at the faculty: “Technology of Machine Building, Metal-Cutting Machines and Instruments” and “Automation and Telemechanics.” The part-time students studied at the faculty during three years and then they had the opportunity to complete their studies at other educational institutions of Ukraine and other republics of the former Soviet Union. Later the evening and full-time departments were opened with full cycle of training.

For the purpose of improving the training level of the school-leavers the preparatory courses were established.Material and technical basis of the faculty constantly increased. Existing laboratories and workshops were re-equipped and expanded, and new ones were established.

A new major “Automation and Telemechanics” with full-time and evening forms of training was introduced.The first 70 students of the evening form of training obtained the degree in Mechanical Engineering.180 engineers graduated from the General Technical Faculty. It came true owing to the work of highly qualified teaching staff. By the end 98 teachers had been working at the faculty, 39 of them were Associate Professors.

Research work is an integral part of both teaching and scientific activity. Despite the tough period of the faculty development, the departments were able to focus on methodological and scientific work. They managed to provide students with text-books, laboratory practice instructions, graphic tasks, etc. Special attention was paid to scientific researches and close collaboration with both industrial enterprises and scientific institutions of former USSR

ZSTU successfully carried out educational activity. Both teaching skills and scientific and research work of the staff were developing. Students received highly qualified educational services. After graduation from the General-Technical Faculty students had the opportunity to complete their studies at KPI and other higher educational establishments of the former USSR. A lot of alumni of ZhGTF became leading specialists of different enterprises of Zhytomyr region.

An important role in the life of the Branch was played by sports. More than 30 cups and prizes were the evidence of the achievements of Physical Education Department.The Branch teams have begun to participate in sports contests among Ukrainian educational institutions. In 1982 female volleyball players won the second place and were awarded with silver medals. One of the most popular and most beloved sports branch is basketball. So, it is natural that the team of athletes has achieved high results in this kind of sport.

ZSTU is the modern educational complex with well-equipped laboratories, sport complex, tennis courts, a stadium, a refectory, a sanatorium and three halls of residence. The library and its own publishing department allow the University to provide students with educational and methodological literature. ZSTU has its own website in the Ukrainian and English languages. Local computer network is connected to the Internet.

Zhytomyr Branch of KPI trained nearly 6000 highly qualified professionals whose demand in the industrial centers of Ukraine had always exceeded supply. The Branch had an authoritative teaching staff with master and doctoral academic degrees, and gradually it became a ground for highly qualified scientific personnel. Everything done for the previous 50 years should be considered as a significant starting point.

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