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Acadmie St-Laurent Academy Private School


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St-Laurent Academy implements new and diversified approaches to learning to ensure student success. We foster creativity alongside physical activity and academics with global citizenship for a balanced education. St-Laurent Academy is nestled in a residential area just outside downtown, in Ottawa’s Rideau-Rockliffe ward. Founded in 2005, we have been partnering with parents ever since to meet our students' needs. We work to accommodate all learning styles in English and French, ensuring rich, personalized learning in a closely-knit school community of approximately 200 families. Our award-winning programs feature strong academics, arts, and physical education.
Our programs at St-Laurent Academy range from daycare through high school. Each level is specially designed to bridge to the next, ideally providing students an academic pathway from early childhood education to elementary school, which prepares them for high school and then on to the university or college of their choice. All programs have enriched curricula taught by specialists. Our facilities and resources are constantly updated and renovated to meet the highest standards of today’s rapidly changing education system. To meet the needs of our growing international student body, we have multiple streams for students to learn French or English as a second – or often third – language.
St-Laurent Academy, Early Childhood Education programs, are offered bilingually and in French for children aged ten months to 4 years. Our licensed programs promote a bolstered lifelong learning process in a nurturing environment that sets the foundation for academic and social success. We provide various athletic activities, including swimming, skating, gymnastics, dance, yoga, and other sports and fitness. Provide your child with the best daycare option in Ottawa that features enriched curriculums with weekly hands-on and specialist-led music and science activities.
St-Laurent Academy’s Early Childhood Education program prides itself on offering a differentiated curriculum to accommodate different learning styles. We respect that every child is individually special and comes from a unique background. As a result, we make it a point to accommodate diversity in the form of an inclusive environment. We provide equal and engaging opportunities for all, and encourage success through recreation, structured hands-on learning activities, sports, fitness, music, and art.
At St-Laurent Academy, the school takes on a whole different meaning for students as they become fully engaged in all subjects - school becomes fun and rewarding! Guided by the Multiple Intelligences Theory (Ml Theory) principles, our students are actively engaged with all their senses in every subject. Learning through the different bits of intelligence helps enhance and strengthen learning experiences, and ultimately brings a sense of pride and achievement to our school community.
At St-Laurent Academy, we focus on each student as a unique, individual learner. Our team of caring, knowledgeable, creative, and well-rounded teachers/educators can facilitate and deliver a strong curriculum that challenges and allows for students to demonstrate what they know through diversified activities, tasks, and assignments.
Our small class sizes, a maximum of 15 students, ensure that our teachers can design and enrich curriculum tailored to our students’ multiple intelligences. Our tight-knit faculty communicate and work closely together, engaging the community and external professionals, to build a true team around each student as they move from grade to grade.
Communication with parents, students, and team members is at the center of our success. Tools such as Google Classroom, Google Calendars, our School Portal, regular email updates, accessibility for parents to meet and contact our teaching team and administration, and formal and informal student/parent meetings are just a few ways that we ensure everyone is moving toward the same goals for your child.
Our Elementary Program reflects our belief that physical activity and well-being are essential to learning. Daily, and within a safe and dynamic environment, our students participate and have fun in daily Phys. Ed classes, two outdoor recesses, a variety of clubs and teams, and a weekly, enriched Phys Ed program. This program takes us out into the community to work with specialists in tennis, swimming, yoga, golf, skiing, archery, rock climbing, cross-fit, and even parkour.
With a diverse student body, we recognize the importance of multiculturalism and the value of understanding various languages. At St-Laurent Academy, we offer multiple French streams, from the core to advanced, as well as an “extended” French program and club. ESL (English as a Second Language) programs are available to meet our growing international community's needs.
Field Trips are part of our curriculum, as our classrooms move beyond the school walls. Exploration throughout Ottawa’s museums, galleries, sports venues, historical sites, and governmental facilities helps bring our curriculum to life. Larger, annual trips are planned for our different grade levels, which take us outside the Province and internationally at times. Let’s not forget our outdoor classroom at the Macoun Marsh, which is key to our private Elementary Science Program.
The secondary school at St-Laurent Academy provides students with small classes where specialists teach each course. The program flows seamlessly from our elementary school program and provides consistency in an enriched learning environment and continued emphasis on Physical Education/Health and the Environment. Both instruction and assessment are individualized based on each student’s individualized academic pathway and learning style to promote dynamic, autonomous students.
St-Laurent Academy meets the provincial curriculum through experiential learning. Students partake in several course-specific field trips each semester to extend education far beyond our classrooms' walls. They can see the real-world application of what they are learning. Students are provided with supportive, rigorous, and meaningful preparation for their post-secondary pursuits. By the end of high school, they are engaged in university-level coursework and have the work habits and skills to take on whatever challenges them next.

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