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DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore


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As the world's first college to offer a bachelor's degree program dedicated to game development, DigiPen Institute of Technology has long been the top choice for students pursuing careers in the digital interactive media industries.
The Admissions Office is in charge of managing and regulating all admissions processes alongside student engagement and recruitment activities. Such processes and activities are conducted ethically and professionally and in keeping with organizational policies and procedures and relevant accreditation requirements. The Admissions Office also administers the Student Ambassador and Student Shadow programs.
The industry's performance-driven nature has set high standards and created fierce competition for students entering the job market today. In order to succeed, one must deliver unique and engaging interactive experiences to today's audiences. This type of real technological innovation can only be achieved by those who have a deep, fundamental understanding of the complicated relationship between user and experience.
Singapore is now home to DigiPen's first international campus. The Singapore campus was established at the Singapore government's invitation as part of the country's initiative to build the island into an education hub with the vision of turning it into a "Global Schoolhouse." DigiPen's presence will also contribute to the Singapore government's vision of turning the island into a "Global Digital Studio."
DigiPen (Singapore) encompasses over 2,960 square meters with a library, dedicated computer labs for students, and classrooms for lectures and instruction. The classrooms vary in size from lecture halls accommodating up to 80 students to small classrooms accommodating 60 students. The labs also vary in size from those accommodating 150 students to smaller ones seating 50 students.
The computer workstations provided at DigiPen (Singapore) are selected to meet or exceed the hardware specifications for the required educational software. These computers are equipped with industry software for 2D and 3D animation production and development tools for game engine creation. All computers are on an internal network and have access to printers, servers, and archival media. The Institute upgrades the computer equipment periodically. DigiPen (Singapore) 's library aims to support the Institute's curriculum, students, and faculty. Students have access to a variety of resources and reference books relevant to their program of study. The library also subscribes to a selection of significant journals and magazines related to gaming, simulation, and animation. Furthermore, the library allocates an annual budget for updating the contents of the library. In addition to curriculum-related resources, the library has a collection of career-oriented materials, including books on resumes, cover letters, and interviews.
In 2008, we set up our first overseas campus in Singapore at the invitation of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). The engagement with EDB took many years, but the efforts paid off. DigiPen opened its doors to our first batch of undergraduate students, officially marking our entrance as an overseas university into Singapore. In 2010, with the encouragement of EDB, we continued this endeavor by partnering with SIT, Singapore's fifth public university. So, the setting up of our campus to provide education services was our first milestone in Singapore.
A few months ago, we officially announced the setting up of our R&D center. The R & D center was built on our campus's success as we developed and accumulated more intellectual know-how while fulfilling our role as an educator. The R&D center represents our further commitment to Singapore. This was our second milestone.
DGS is the third component of the 'Education-R&D-Industry' ecosystem that we have implemented in Singapore. The components of this ecosystem are mutually reinforcing and will add more synergy to the whole framework. Having DGS in Singapore marks the third milestone.
DGS has two roles to play. First, it is an industry developer. Second, DGS is a publisher. In these two roles, DGS will help third-party developers in the Southeast Asia region to make and publish their games. As a result, we hope this will help develop the interactive entertainment industry further. As a start, DGS will work on the Nintendo 3DS platform, and the games will be distributed globally on the Nintendo e-shop. MDA will also support DGS programs and activities in Singapore. In the future, DGS may broaden its support to other Nintendo platforms and game consoles from other manufacturers.
The collaboration between a university, an industry giant, and a government agency is indeed very unique. Not many countries can create such an entity, and it is to Singapore's credit that such a formation can happen here. It is also a testimony that Singapore has what it takes to make such a venture possible. Furthermore, it is a privilege that DigiPen can contribute in such a meaningful way towards Singapore through this setup during its Jubilee year. To further elaborate on what DGS does, as an industry developer DGS will organize an annual DigiPen Game Conference — sometime in late September to early October this year. At the end of this conference, we will have a "Call for Proposals" for third-party developers.
We look forward to having third-party developers coming to this conference and submitting their game proposals. DGS will also provide training on some of the Nintendo hardware and assist third-party developers in understanding Nintendo's requirements.

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