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  • Kehl University of Public Administration


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    Kehl University of Public Administration

    Founding year: 1971
    Website: Visit Website
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Joachim Beck
    Number of staff: 1236
    Type: Universities

    The University of Public Administration in Kehl is one of the most renowned institutions of its kind in Germany. It was founded in 1971 and enlarged in the 1980s. Currently, the University employs 42 full-time professors and approximately 250 visiting lecturers.

    The sole purpose of Kehl University is to prepare its students for careers in public service. This means training students for positions at the management level in German public service, whether in state agencies and departments, in municipalities, in counties or in other public corporations, institutions and foundations subject to state supervision. The University cooperates closely with Ludwigsburg University of Public Administration and Finance.

    The graduates often take on management positions immediately after having finished the program, especially in smaller municipalities. Many mayors have completed his training for the management level in German public service, which also plays such an important role in larger municipalities and in the state administrative offices that one speaks here of the 'backbone' of administration.

    During the last few years, 70% of the students have been female. Thus, the situation has completely reversed from that at the start of the University in the 70s. At that time, less that 20% of the students were women.

    In contrast to other universities, the students at the University of Public Administration are civil servants for the duration of the academic program. For this reason, they receive a salary during their university studies and practical training. But there are also other important differences from other universities with regard to the application procedure and student administrative affairs.

    The bachelor's programme of study in public management takes a total of 3.5 years to complete and is composed of two almost equal segments of practical experience in the field and coursework on campus. The degree granted is a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).

    The bachelor's programme begins with a 4-week introductory course. Here the students are provided with basic knowledge regarding the training programme. This includes, for example, the basic principles of democratic rule, the tasks and organisational structure of public administration, the legal basis, the basis of municipal constitutional law, an introduction to economic affairs at the local level and methods of law application and the composition of letters of official notification. The introductory course has a total of 120 hours of instruction and a written examination is included.

    The introductory course is followed by the introductory internship. Here, the student interns become acquainted with tasks and methods in at least two areas of administration. Some of the special areas are: treasury, financial planning, administration of local fees, accounting, human resources, administrative offences, passport and citizen registration affairs, public relations, law concerning aliens, social welfare and well as child and youth welfare.

    The first half-year has been successfully completed if the student has taken part, on a regular basis, in the introductory course and the internship and has achieved at the very least the grade of 4.0 on the examination. It is possible to repeat.

    After the introductory internship the students begin the 3-semester basic course of study, which lasts 17 months. The courses are grouped into 13 modules. The content of the modules is similar to the content of the previous subjects. In Department 1 (Law and Administrative Sciences), the subjects taught are constitutional law, basis of administrative law, local administrative law, law regarding administrative offences, and the German Civil Code. In Department 2 (Economic and Social Sciences), the subjects taught are psychology, sociology, business administration in the public sector, economics, management in the public sector, law regarding local fees, and local commercial law.

    Each of the 13 modules mentioned above concludes with a test, which is generally a written examination. After failing an examination, you may repeat once. It is not possible to offset a low mark in one module with a higher mark from another module. The tests take place at the end of each semester.

    After the 17-month basic course at Kehl University, the students begin a 14-month period of practical experience. During this time span, the students become acquainted with four areas of administration in various departments (for at least 3 months each). The following areas of emphasis can be chosen:

    • Organisation/Personnel/Data Processing
    • Public law and order
    • Administration of social benefits
    • Economic affairs/Finance/Public enterprises
    • Local government policy/Management in the public sector

    One segment should be done abroad, in another German federal state, or in the private sector. The meshing of theory and practice during this period takes place in the in-service study groups. At the end of this period of practical training, the students write their bachelor’s thesis. For this purpose they can have a month’s leave.

    During the last five months of the bachelor's programme the students are again on campus in Kehl for the in-depth course of study. They can choose from nine areas and attend lectures in their chosen in-depth area. Kehl University offers the following areas of emphasis:

    • Administration of social benefits
    • Public law and order
    • Environmental and planning law
    • Europe
    • Economic affairs and finance
    • Local government policy
    • Public enterprises and hospital management
    • Information technology und management
    • Personnel und Organisation

    Lessons are divided into six modules. Each of these modules concludes with a test.

    Address: University of Public Administration in Kehl, Kinzigallee 1, Kehl, 77694, Germany

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