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  • Forsyth Country Day School


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    Forsyth Country Day School

    Founding year: 1967
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Gardner Barrier (Head)
    Number of staff: 0

    At FCDS, we know that students succeed in life when they are fully prepared for the opportunities and challenges ahead. That is why Forsyth education provides a balanced experience that focuses on academics that enrich and interests that engage. With small classes, invested teachers, and a collaborative community, your child benefits from a supportive and inspiring educational experience.
    When your child enrolls at Forsyth Country Day School, it is the beginning of a rich and varied journey. One that will see joy, inspiration, victories, and challenges. These elements all combine to lay the groundwork for a rewarding future every moment of every day. And it starts with the kind of education that genuinely defines Forsyth. It is education beyond learning, a vibrant fusion of many different experiences that embrace all the formative elements of a young life.
    We believe that a truly excellent education integrates opportunities to explore various interests while developing a strong academic base. It is this combination of passion and purpose that creates children who are eager to learn.
    Our students explore coursework in all subject areas as a means of educating their minds and spirits more fully. Our students create an environment where they want to challenge themselves and one another athletically, artistically … and academically.
    We believe that technology plays a role in all stages of our lives. At FCDS, technology supports the curriculum and is used to create authentic learning environments where students use appropriate tools to support their classwork.
    Technology is integrated into the curriculum at all levels through Chromebooks, Smartboards, and iPads, coupled with productive and enriching experiences using the latest Web 2.0 applications, iPad educational apps, and interactive lessons.
    The Upper School offers classes in interactive programming, web design, and AP Computer Science. These courses teach logic and problem solving while also discussing graphics, media types, computer networking, digital storage, hardware, and much more. Students are introduced to elements of the computer sciences in our programming classes while creating challenging simulations and games. AP Computer Science discusses object-oriented programming while learning the Java programming language.
    The Middle School offers technology courses in fifth and sixth grades where keyboarding, 3D design and fabrication skills, programming, and productivity tools play an essential role. The seventh and eighth grades offer an elective course called Digital Design and Programming that further explores programming and design prototyping in the Middle School maker space. Technology affects every corner of the world in which we live, and having a base knowledge of the necessary skills will prove useful to our students today and tomorrow.
    Our educational experience integrates opportunities to explore a variety of interests while developing a strong academic base. Each child enjoys a balanced experience that sets him or her on a path to life-long learning.





    Address: Forsyth Country Day School, 5501 Shallowford Rd, Lewisville,, North Carolina, 27023, United States

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