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  • Columbia Independent School


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    Columbia Independent School

    Founding year: 1998
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Adam M. Dube (Head)
    Number of staff: 0

    Columbia Independent School guides students in their pursuit of excellence, beginning with children at the earliest stages of development in junior kindergarten and creating a seamless educational experience through graduation. Our intentionally crafted curriculum is designed to stretch every child's mind and provide exemplary support for students throughout the lower, middle, and upper school divisions. CIS prepares students for rigorous academic life in college and success in the global world. This preparation is achieved through small class sizes, a committed faculty, a safe and close-knit community built on diverse backgrounds, and lively and engaging classrooms, which exude the joy of living.

    The faculty and staff at CIS create an intimate learning environment where students receive personalized, quality instruction and guidance throughout their academic journey. Students are engaged with a strong liberal arts curriculum, including courses in fine arts, foreign languages such as Latin, and many others. Also, the Center for Inspiration, Innovation, and Investigation enhance a student's natural curiosity through hands-on experiences that build problem-solving and collaboration skills. CIS has the unique opportunity to bring students together at all grade levels through cross-divisional class projects, assemblies and socials, and all-school community events.

    Columbia Independent School is a place of opportunity. As the only independent, college preparatory school in Central Missouri, CIS students and families come from diverse backgrounds to join our school and explore the many opportunities and experiences that only a small school like CIS can offer.

    While many families initially pursue our school because of our strong reputation for academics and our excellent outcomes in preparing students for college, they find that the opportunities to learn and grow extend well beyond traditional learning. In our lower and middle schools, every student studies the visual or performing arts, modern language (Spanish, French, Mandarin), Latin (beginning in middle school), and physical education, in addition to classes in math, history, science, and English. With our Center for Inspiration, Innovation, and Investigation, students in JK - 12 have the opportunity to learn skills in computer coding, 3D design, and printing, and other Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills that prepare them for the future they will inherit. Our advisory programs emphasize communication skills, character development, and empathy.

    Our upper school program is built around the ideals of student engagement and participation. Students take an active role in leading class discussions and enjoy close, meaningful relationships with their peers. Teachers serve as mentors, guiding students both academically and ethically, as our students grow to become leaders and global citizens. CIS students are not bound to specific roles and activities. Each student can be an artist, athlete, and academic - and many of our upper school students choose to be all three.

    Our mission is to guide students in pursuing excellence through academic, physical, and creative achievement while exemplifying a commitment to integrity, trust, and responsibility. To encourage students to realize the joy of living through personal achievement and service to others in preparation for higher learning and community life. Our Philosophical Principles:

    • CIS is one school, junior kindergarten through 12th grade, sharing a joint mission implemented in an age-appropriate manner. While identifying with a grade level, division, or discipline, the faculty shares a commitment to the entire school.
    • CIS believes that learning is a life-long process, and the best way to help students realize a passion for learning is for teaching and learning to be personalized. Our faculty are supported in this by a student load and teaching schedule that allows for a high individual attention level.
    • The faculty's CIS curriculum is designed based on the skills and content that a graduate is expected to possess. It is integrated within departments and across divisions. It is designed to promote depth of understanding rather than a superficial acquaintance, and students demonstrate mastery in various ways.
    • CIS values its students as individuals. Faculty engage students in multiple contexts (e.g., as teachers, advisors, coaches, etc.). Each student is known and appreciated for who they are and what they bring to our community.
    • CIS is attentive to the emotional and physical health of our students. This includes creating an environment that is physically, intellectually, and morally safe.
    • CIS consciously works to create a culture of integrity, trust, and responsibility.
    • CIS and its families are engaged in a partnership to support the education of their students/children. Families actively support the school through volunteer activities and create a climate at home that values education and supports the school's mission.
    • CIS appreciates the benefits of being an inclusive community and enables all community members to use their unique talents in support of our educational endeavor.
    • CIS faculty model the life-long learning that it aspires to for our graduates. As an institution, CIS supports the faculty's professional development both through fiscal resources and through time for collaborative planning and reflection.








    Address: Columbia Independent School, 1801 N Stadium Blvd, Columbia,, Missouri, 65201, United States

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