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  • Cincinnati Country Day School


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    Cincinnati Country Day School

    Founding year: 1926
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    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Anthony T. T. Jaccaci (Head)
    Number of staff: 0

    Founded in 1926, Cincinnati Country Day School is an independent, coeducational, college-preparatory school emphasizing academic excellence and character development. Through educational programming, extracurricular opportunities, social and environmental awareness, and integrated technology, our goal has remained the same for over eight decades – to produce moral and ethical students who are prepared for success in college and life.

    We encourage discovery that produces students who are grounded and well-rounded. Students have opportunities to find and refine talents. They are encouraged to pursue what they love and to try something new. We have a demanding curriculum that promotes growth and success. Our approach to teaching ensures that we will meet the needs of each student. Work in the classroom is sometimes traditional, often cutting edge, but always challenging. We have a rich heritage of academic success.

    We create a community that instills a strong sense of self. A welcoming environment fosters close-knit relationships across students, parents, faculty, and staff. Our engaging program, depth of resources, and impressive setting allow students to build the confidence they need to succeed.

    CCDS has long been recognized for its rigorous and innovative curriculum that offers our 860 students a full range of academic, athletic, and artistic opportunities. Our goal is to stimulate and challenge our students as they stretch their minds in pursuit of knowledge.

    Our faculty, comprised of over 100 teaching professionals, embraces a shared commitment to inspire and motivate our students to develop their passions to their full potential. Our students often cite the strong relationships they form with their teachers as a distinguishing aspect of their CCDS education.

    Cincinnati Country Day School provides each student with superior preparation for college and life. We inspire a passion for learning and independent thinking through a steadfast commitment to academic excellence, personal integrity, and service to others. Our guiding principles:

    • Ensure a school environment where every student, 18 months to 18 years, is known and nurtured.
    • Provide a vibrant learning community with opportunities for students to perform at their highest potential academically, artistically, athletically, and altruistically.
    • Sustain an inclusive, diverse community of individuals who learn from and about one another.
    • Attract and retain an outstanding faculty who stimulates intellectual curiosity and engenders a lifelong love of learning in students.
    • Through examples, relationships, and purposeful instruction, we teach our character virtues of respect, responsibility, integrity, courage, and compassion.
    • Embrace advancements in pedagogy and technology as critical components of contemporary education.
    • Establish productive partnerships with parents to foster student success.
    • Celebrate traditions as they connect the past to the future.

    Diversity is an educational imperative because it is pivotal to every child's intellectual, social, and moral growth. Diversity brings richness and meaning to life. Students, parents, faculty, and administrators of different backgrounds, perspectives, and talents contribute to a varied and comprehensive learning experience. Consequently, a partnership between the home and school is essential for the full development of all peoples.

    Country Day explores, respects, and celebrates diversity while recognizing the common goals, principles, and beliefs shared by everyone. Over 33% of the Country Day student body is racially/ethnically diverse. And, nearly 10% of the Country Day community has an international background. Whether a student's family lived abroad at one point, has just moved to the United States from a foreign country, or is part of an exchange/visitor's program, our community has definite international appeal.

    At Country Day, we believe diversity takes many forms. As a school community, racial/ethnic diversity is as important as our students' geographic and socioeconomic diversity and their diversity in beliefs, interests, and learning styles.

    Teaching and learning at Cincinnati Country Day School are dynamic, rooted in academic excellence while remaining responsive to student needs and shifting 21st-century demands. We believe that, in order to thrive to potential, every child must be known and nurtured. That level of intimacy is dependent on teachers who can adapt to a variety of learning needs and styles, as well as on learners who are engaged in expanding their minds through a broad range of approaches.

    Our faculty is informed, collaborative, and in constant pursuit of making the classroom experience an effective and enjoyable one. At CCDS, learning by both students and faculty happens inside and outside the classroom, and we celebrate, nurture, and encourage creative thinking, individual excellence, and constructive collaboration.





    Address: Cincinnati Country Day School, 6905 Given Rd, Cincinnati, , Ohio, 45243-2898, United States

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