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  • Boston Trinity Academy


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    Boston Trinity Academy

    Founding year: 2002
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Frank S. Guerra (Headmaster)
    Number of staff: 0

    Through the vision and efforts of dedicated Boston area leaders in finance, education, and faith, Boston Trinity Academy opened its doors in September 2002. These founders shared a common goal to address one of the greatest needs for the young people of Boston — a rigorous college preparatory school founded on the Christian faith principles accessible to students from all neighborhoods, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. As a result of this vision, Boston Trinity Academy established a program of academic rigor enriched with co-curricular activities for a truly diverse student body.

    In 2002, Boston Trinity Academy launched with 54 students in grades 6-9 in a rented school building on Beacon Street in Brookline. Adding a grade each year, the school soon grew to 125 students, and in June 2006, the first senior class of 16 graduated — all college bound. In September of that year, the school purchased its facility and moved to an expansive five-acre campus in Boston's Hyde Park neighborhood. Currently, Boston Trinity Academy is educating nearly 250 students in grades 6 through 12.

    Boston Trinity Academy is a Christian, coed, college preparatory middle and high school. We educate a diverse student body from across the Great Boston area in grades 6-12. We are committed to providing an exceptional academic experience that inspires each student to excel in a Christ-centered community where they are known and loved. Our graduates demonstrate the intellect, leadership, and moral character they learn here as they succeed at numerous top colleges and universities and in life beyond.

    At Boston Trinity Academy, we know and love every student, guiding and challenging each one to thrive as a whole person. The school's motto is VIA, VERITAS, VITA, the way, the truth, and the life, which becomes the integration of faith, learning, and service in our curriculum. The combination of a strong faith culture, demanding academics, and service to others refines character and unites a community with social, economic, and racial differences. The result of our educational philosophy is a community of learners who love and serve others.

    Our faculty is the heart of Boston Trinity Academy. They inspire students to love learning, think inquisitively, and reason analytically. Our young scholars write and re-write, explore scientific concepts, perform Shakespeare, compete in interscholastic athletics, and study the classics.

    Students at Boston Trinity Academy engage the world with their whole selves, and our graduates are distinguished by their intellect, integrity, service, and moral vision. This culmination of our mission in their lives results in the glory and honor of God. Boston Trinity Academy educates students from diverse backgrounds in an academically demanding, Christ-centered community, inspiring them to lead lives of faith, integrity, and service. To that end, Boston Trinity Academy:

    • Knows and cares for each student, based on the love of Jesus Christ
    • Promotes rigorous scholarship that integrates faith and learning
    • Recruits students and families from all social, economic, and racial backgrounds
    • Teaches Christian principles in order to transform society and the world
    • Graduates students distinguished by their intellect, leadership, and moral character

    Students at Boston Trinity Academy learn to engage the world with curiosity and purpose. Through rigorous scholarship, they seek more than answers - they want proper understanding. They rise to the challenge of demanding academics as they seek to grow in each discipline. In middle school, students gain a foundation of knowledge and success skills at the upper school level. Upper School students are prepared for admission to top colleges and universities across the country.

    Our graduates regularly report how well their Boston Trinity education prepared them for the rigor of college academics. After anticipating higher education demands, our graduates are pleased to find that they already have the skills they need to succeed.

    The community at Boston Trinity Academy is life-changing. Central to the Boston Trinity experience is the people - the friends, classmates, and teachers- make Boston Trinity what it is. But they don't just shape the school. This community shapes each student. When it's all said and done, not only will you be changed by what you learn, but the people you learn from and the people you learn will shape the person you become.

    Boston Trinity Academy is genuinely diverse but also truly united. Our shared pursuit of excellence, faith, service, and character unites us across differences of race, status, gender, neighborhoods, and faith backgrounds. Students learn from each other's perspectives. They learn to respect each other, even in disagreements. They make friends with others who don't look like them. Ultimately, they are supremely prepared to engage with a diverse world and global economy.

    Students not only love and care for each other - often across societal differences. They also actually like each other a lot. Friendships form that lasts far beyond graduation. Through classroom discussion, performances, clubs, athletics, and house competitions, much fun happens at Boston Trinity. While we never relent in our pursuit of excellence, there is always room for memories along the way.





    Address: Boston Trinity Academy, 17 Hale St, Boston,, Massachusetts, 02136, United States

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