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  • Archbishop Mitty High School


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    Archbishop Mitty High School

    Founding year: 1964
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Kate Caputo (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    The Archbishop Mitty High School community is founded upon the belief that God creates every student "in the image and likeness of God" (Genesis 1:26). Based on this belief, the School encourages every student to personally carry on God's creative act by developing his or her talents and abilities to the fullest. At the same time, the School challenges each student to create a world in the image and likeness of God, a world founded on the Gospel values of gentleness, compassion, justice, mercy, and peace.
    Archbishop Mitty High School is the Catholic, coeducational, college preparatory school of the Diocese of San Jose. The School embraces the Catholic educational mission of developing community, teaching the message of the Gospels, and promoting service, peace, and justice. Through its rigorous academic program, the School prepares students for college and responsible leadership in a global society. At the same time, the School works diligently alongside parents to foster each student's personal, academic, and spiritual development. Recognizing that each individual is created in God's image and likeness, the School celebrates and affirms its diverse cultural community while developing students who are intellectually competent, just, faith-filled, respectful leaders.
    The whole person's education is critical to the development of young adults, and Archbishop Mitty embraces this through a rigorous and dynamic academic curriculum that seeks to gradually develop "students' intellectual, physical, psychological, moral, and religious capacities." Across the curriculum, students are challenged to think critically and analytically, seeking truth in the abundance of information and assumptions that dominate modern life. Contemporary society is "an information-driven society which bombards [students] indiscriminately with data—all treated as being of equal importance—and which leads to remarkable superficiality in the area of moral discernment. In response, we need to provide an education which teaches critical thinking and encourages the development of mature moral values" (Pope Francis). A conscious effort is given to guide students to become young adults who understand the moral complexity of the world and understand how this recognition of truth can lead to positive action beyond Archbishop Mitty.
    Recognizing that the world is continually changing, Archbishop Mitty educators strive to be "guided by a changing generation and know that, therefore, every educator…is required to change, in the sense of knowing how to communicate with the young." As an institution that encourages a culture of innovation, the School's curriculum is continually evolving, designed to reflect students' skills and knowledge to achieve success and supported by current technologies that are viewed as tools to enhance student learning. A concentrated effort is put on developing a macro and micro worldview, preparing for a global world includes a focus on the application of Catholic values to action by encouraging students to not wait for others to take the lead, but to be leaders themselves. The co-curricular program at Archbishop Mitty provides a wealth of opportunities for students to develop themselves further, emphasizing empowering and challenging them to succeed in whatever arena they choose.
    The success of each Archbishop Mitty student is dependent upon the partnership between the School and the parents. Recognizing that parents are the students' primary educators, Archbishop Mitty seeks to "work as a team for the school's common good." This team concept assists the students in their intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual development. A critical component of this being exceptional care for student wellness the School's faculty, staff, and administration. To best support student success, the School has created a sense of community at Archbishop Mitty that is palpable. Students are encouraged to try new things, and disappointments are handled with dignity and respect. Students at Archbishop Mitty can be themselves, and the spirit of acceptance permeates beyond the physical building. The environment is Catholic, one that is illuminated by "the light of faith…and the Christian way of thought and life…permeates all facets of the educational climate" (Religious Dimension).
    As a Catholic institution, we seek to embrace "the synthesis between culture and faith" and "to interweave reason and faith" to develop "a Christian view of the world, of life, culture, and history" (Miller). Recognizing that there is no separation between learning and formation, we seek to teach academic subjects and empathy and compassion for others by understanding Gospel values.
    Because Archbishop Mitty's community includes individuals of other faith traditions, students come to understand faith in a world context, which allows students to draw parallels and understand that faith is an aspect of the education of the whole person.
    Archbishop Mitty seeks to educate young adults to become intellectually curious, just, faith-filled, and respectful leaders. This is achieved through the recognition that each person is made in the image and likeness of God, and through a comprehensive educational program that seeks to educate the whole person in a welcoming environment that embraces the synthesis of faith and reason, the formation of Catholic values, and the preparation of students for a global society.


    Address: Archbishop Mitty High School, 5000 Mitty Way, Mitty, San Jose, California, 95129, United States

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