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  • Little Owl Private School


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    Little Owl Private School

    Founding year: 2001
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Ms. Natasha Galinskaya (Principal)</li><li><i class="fa fa-venus"></i><b>Gender: </b>Mixed (Co-education)</li><li><i class="fa fa-group"></i><b>Grades or Year Groups: </b>Junior KG to Grade 9</li><li><i class="fa fa-map-pin"></i><b>Postal Code: </b>M2N1B8
    Number of staff: 0

    Founded in 2001, Little Owl School is a multicultural, coeducational preschool and elementary day school. Our program runs from age two up to Grade 8. We are proud to offer our Little Owl Curriculum – the Ontario Curriculum plus enriched developmental activities your child will love. The little owl is registered with The Ontario Ministry of Education and follows the Ontario Curriculum, designing and delivering engaging lessons and enriching fine arts programming. Also, our low student-teacher ratio means that your child is getting the attention they need to succeed.
    We emphasize early childhood development and education. Whether you enroll your child in our Kindergarten or Elementary program, Little Owl teachers foster the whole child's development. We use discovery-based learning activities, sensory manipulative, and developmental centers to engage your child in their lessons fully. We assess your child's understanding and gently challenge them to continue their next developmental phase.
    At Little Owl Preschool Elementary, we Teach Your Children Well. That means we use discovery-based learning methods and universally designed lessons. We also love to celebrate your child, our holidays, and the outside world. We go on field trips, and we invite special guests and performers to engage and delight. A rounded developmental experience full of learning and inquiry is gained. Character development and education are critical at Little Owl Preschool Elementary. We foster the development of confident, happy, and loving individuals. Our commitment to your child is reflected in our core values as our SPIRIT.
    Our first responsibility is to the children and parents who have chosen and registered in our programs and services. In meeting their needs, everything we do is of the highest quality. We are responsible and committed to the success of each of our children. Moreover, we are proud of our Little Owl Curriculum, which is a combination of the Ontario Curriculum and enriched, stimulating and educational activities to ensure your child receives the best quality of learning. Through these exciting and educational activities, we not only ensure that all students meet or exceed the government's expectations in the following subjects: English, Maths, Science & Technology, and Social Studies, but also focus on physical and emotional development (i.e., Gaining confidence, problem-solving skills, self-regulation, fine/gross motor development, following instructions, development of imagination) of each child.
    The staff of Little Owl Private School is qualified, experienced, and dedicated educators who are trained and carefully screened before being hired. Our promise to you that your child will receive professional, personal attention from these dedicated, caring teachers. Furthermore, Little Owl Private School is a safe and secure facility. The premises are inspected and approved by the local government agencies and fire department, organized, and equipped to create a loving environment for learning, discoveries, group interaction, and physical activity. Lastly, we are happy to provide your child with balanced and nutritious meals. Little Owl Private School has consulted with experienced dietitians to choose nutritious, balanced, and tasty snacks. Boaden is providing our lunches.
    Little owl offers preschool programs for students aged 2 to 4 years of age. The preschool program is designed to prepare students for future learning from Kindergarten to Middle School. Students are exposed to enriching, educational, engaging activities to help them develop the skills needed to succeed. Younger kids learn best through engaging, interesting, hands-on educational activities. At Little Owl, the Kindergarten curriculum is designed to challenge the students to think outside the box within and outside the classroom, put on their thinking caps by taking what they learned in class, and connect them with real-life situations.
    In Math and Science areas, we focus on cognitive development through problem-solving and promoting an understanding of how nature and science interact with our daily lives. In Junior Kindergarten, students develop skills in Number Sense (i.e., counting in different ways, exploring how many objects there are, etc.), Measurement (i.e. (ordering, comparing, and measuring objects), Geometry (building and talking about shapes), Data Management and Probability (i.e., sorting, classifying and comparing information on graphs). Besides, students have the opportunity to channel their personalities and creativity through daily activities and develop an understanding of self, problem-solving skills, and the ability to express their ideas and thoughts.
    Senior Kindergarten is an important phase for children as they prepare to transition to Grade 1 in the upcoming school year. Students will continue to expand on topics that are being covered in Junior Kindergarten and explore new educational frontiers. The Kindergarten curriculum is designed to encourage students to get out of their comfort zone, challenge them to be creative and think outside the box, whether it is within the classroom or outside, and apply what they learned in class to their daily lives.
    In Math and Science, students continue to develop their problem-solving skills and challenge themselves to connect their previous experiences with the topics covered in class. Lastly, in art, students continue to expand their knowledge on more complex terms and develop better visual and physical coordination. Through interactive, hands-on activities, students have the opportunity to explore various materials and methods used in creating art pieces.
    The Elementary program is an enriched program based on the current Ontario Curriculum. At Little Owl, we offer a well-rounded academic program, which allows students to explore their creativity, interests, and originality. Students are given the attention they require, with small class sizes and individual care, to succeed in their academic endeavors.
    Moreover, the Elementary program provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and prepare them for the next phase in their academic careers. Students are allowed to work independently and in collaborative groups. This promotes the development of leadership skills and ensures that students have the etiquette and good manners needed to succeed in life. Lastly, homework is also provided to consolidate learning and give them the learning skills to help them succeed in their academic careers.

    Address: Little Owl Private School, 99 Sheppard Ave West, Unit A, North York, Ontario, M2N1B8, Canada

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